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    Has anyone heard of this game? All I know is that it's Dama with certain Arithmetic applications on it, like there are mathematical operations that have to be performed in every move. I've heard of Damath Competitions being held, even a nationwide one. Back in high school, we never joined a single Damath Competition since it wasn't introduced in our school in the first place, so I don't really know the game.

    So, Damath, anyone?

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    Don't know the mechanics of the game.

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    Parang dama lang to pero pagkakain ka ng piece, magsasubtract ka, multiply etc...

    Sa bawat playing square may math symbol, either plus, divide, etc at sa bawat piece may value o number.

    Nung elemtary ako, integers 'yung ginamit namin. Last year polynomials . May rumor nga na DamathS na raw ngayon. S for Science...

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    Originally posted by Momon:
    May rumor nga na DamathS na raw ngayon. S for Science...
    How's that? What's the additional feature? http://www.pinoyexchange.com/wonder.gif

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    yeap tama si MOMON! pero now ko lang narinig yung may science....per year level paiba ng paiba....nung high school, integers were for freshmen...kalimuts ko na yung sunod...pero of course it gets complicated as u go up one level...pero sa scoring dapat pababaan yan! the larger the negative, the better...teka nga hmmmmmm...isip-isip...tagal na kc d ako naglaro eh tanong ko sa former classmate ko ha o kay sir magaling...hehehehe

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    ang corny ng damath

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    my math teacher in high school, together with a collegue, invented the game way back in 1995. he was having a training conference or something sa UP-ISMED daw noon when they thought of the game.

    when he came back to iloilo, he taught us the mechanics of the game. we all knew how to play it before anyone else knew about it. he also went to all public/private schools to teach them the game since the dept. of science and technology wanted to include it in its yearly Palarong Pambansa.

    the game is quite amusing. you had to beat the opponent fast or let him eat you and have negative points.

    well we won the regional tourney (no national level was staged 'coz many regions didn't have representatives) but it wasn't me who represented our school. it was a friend of mine. hindi ako pinasali sa eliminations dahil i had a different contest to attend eh.

    kayo? gusto nyong mag-damath?

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    yuga: What do you know about DamathS?

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    May contest na ganito in the elementary level.

    Meron na ring sci-dama, with the same mechanics but apply certain scientific concepts (i.e. electricity, etc).

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    sumali ako ng Damath nung Grade 6


    @sw: ikaw ang tagabuhay ng threads

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    Ganito minsan magpa-quiz sa amin noong grade school, kapag tinatamad teacher namin magturo:
    "Girls, please bring out your Damath boards and look for a partner."

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    Gusto ko ring sumali ng contest nito.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj_dos View Post

    @sw: ikaw ang tagabuhay ng threads
    bored eh.

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    I played for our school since I was in 1st year until 4th year. Hanggang regional lang ako lagi. I miss those times. Ang galing ko lang within our school competitions and sa divisions/provincial levels pero wala talaga sa regional.

    I love Electro-Damaths kasi hindi matagal. Yung polynomials kasi need pa kami ng calcu.

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