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    Pain in the Lower Abdomen

    guys help me nmn o, 2 weeks na rin akong nagwo-worry sa pain na nararamdaman ko sa aking lower abdomen left side particularly. ganito kse yun:

    bale 3 weeks na 'tong nararamdaman ko... nung 1st week di pa nmn sya sumasakit o kumikirot pero parang may "pumipintig" sa left side. on the 2nd week, medyo ayan kumikirot na sya pero tolerable nmn, natitiis pa. on the 3rd week (last week), ayan medyo nakakabother na and yung sa tagiliran ko sa right side nagre-respond den. so ginawa ko, pumunta na ko sa doctor ko and then kinapa-kapa nya pati sa yung sa bandang likuran ko, isinuggest nya na magpa ultrasound ako ng liver tska gull bladder ko. ang result = normal. pati yung urinalysis ko = normal. binigyan nya *** ako ng pain reliever na eldicet pati buscopan. pero hanggang ngayon kumikirot pa rin e.

    mga pagbabagong napansin ko:

    bumaba ang timbang ko ng mga 4 lbs.
    loss of appetite (medyo)
    HIRAP akong dumumi (yung feeling ng tyan ko na nadudumi ka pero pag dating mo sa banyo e, wala nmn)
    sa ihi nmn, di nmn ako hirap although madalas akong maihi pag madaling araw. ***** mga 4 times sa buong pagtulog ko. at medyo yellowish.

    kung saan mostly sumasakit yung part na: 1 inch down mula sa pusod, then 3 inches to the left. yun, yung spot na yun ang laging kumikirot. pati yung tagiliran ko (left side). sana matulungan nyo 'ko. nag-woworry ako kse baka sa kidney na 'to or baka mas worse pa...

    thanks in advance

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    why don't you make a follow-up check-up sa doctor mo? tell him/her na hindi pa ren nawawala yung saket...

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    Are you female? If you are, is it worse before or during menses? It could be an OB problem and and internal exam would probably be advisable.

    To help your bowel movements I suggest increasing your water and fiber intake. You can get fiber from loads of places, fruits, veggies, fibrosyne, nesvita, wheat bread, fruit juices (esp prune, citrus).
    I dont think the weight loss (4 lbs) is significant, but the fact that your still feeling pain is. All in all, I wouldnt worry too much, but just listen to what your body is trying to tell you. And follow up with your doctor.

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    yeah yun din nmn yung gagawin ko pero this coming week kc wala yung doctor ko, nagre-review yata sya or may conference parang ganun... kaya mangyayari sa next week pa wednesday ko pa sya makakausap. nagbaka sakali akong may naka-encounter na sa inyo ng same sakit at matulungan nyo ko.

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    data you provided: weight loss of 4 lbs over 3 weeks, loss of appetite, difficulty in bowel movement, polyuria during the night

    when was your last bowel movement? amount? consistency? color?
    is urination painful? do you feel like something's blocking the force of stream during urination?
    do you feel bloated?
    abdominal pain: persistent? what triggers it and what relieves it?
    how's your diet? fluid intake? fiber intake?
    personal history of illness/surgery?
    family history of disease?

    you said that the pain was on the left side but apparently the ultrasound was performed on your right side which made the visualization of the liver and the gallbladder possible. if there was something wrong with your liver or gallbladder then probably your stool color will change and you may have fat intolerance (colicky pain after eating fatty food) and of course right sided pain. if it's kidney trouble, at least somehow you should have experienced some left back pain (just below the edge of your rib cage) and the urinalysis should have shown remarkable results. in my opinion, from your description, you may have some problem with your colon or rectum at that or if your a female, probably something to do with the ovaries. of course this is not definite because we need diagnostics to prove this.

    i can't really advise you for now to increase fiber intake because these are bulk forming and might make your bowel movement more difficult but i do suggest increasing your fluid intake.

    i think you should seek another doctor's advice if your doctor is out till next week. the delay may cause even more trouble soon. maybe you can see a gastroenterologist not just a general practitioner.

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    thanks for the reply...

    first off im a MALE, 22. actually everyday im trying to poopoo kse nga nagwo-worry ako na nafe-feel kong nadudumi ako but then pag nasa CR na ko eh, kailangan ko png iforce para *** lumabas. kse lagi n *** "bad air". as i've said, niresetahan ako ng doc ko ng buscopan for my di pagdumi problem. kagabi ang worst na pain na naencounter ko na halos di ako patulugin with cold sweat. yung amount nmn ng dumi ko, konti compare sa usual kong poo and putol putol na maliit. yung color halos ganon din nmn. binigyan ako ni doc ng buscopan 4 two days at ngayon naubos ko na *** pa ring pagbabago. nakakatawa man eh, pag-umiiri ako eh i feel like something is rushing to my head. parang sumasakit ang ulo ko.

    sa urination nmn, before it was yellowish but after drinking a lot of water ***** today (from 10 am to this moment 7:00pm) naka 2 litres na ko ng tubig, hindi nmn sya masakit... yun nga lang according to my tally eh pang 16 na ihi ko na to from 10 am to 7:00 pm pa ***. i dont know if that's bad or what.

    bloated? well, medyo malaki ang tyan ko (beer belly). sinabi ko rin na may loss of appetite ako. minsan parang ang hina ko kumain pero pagka-kain ko nmn parang di ako nabubusog. parang ngayon.

    yung abdominal pain, nasabi ko na kung saan talagang part, left side, tagiliran, minsan malapit sa puson at minsan mga 3 inches below ng rib cage. (pati nga yung right tagiliran ko nagrerespond). sa napuna ko sumasakit sya tuwing gabi or madaling araw.

    fluid intake namention ko na... sa fiber nmn basta ***** 2-3 cups of rice ako kumain, lahat nmn kinakain ko but normally chicken and pork. i used to eat Oat meals pala dati everyday (suspect ko nga nung tinigil ko saka lumabas nmn to.) before i used to drink pineapple juice din. ang nakakaasar sa sakit na to, lumabas sya nung nagcontrol na ko sa alcohol at yosi. dati kse alcoholic ako then kinontrol ko 3 weeks na ang interval bago ulet uminom and talagang 2-3 bottles n ***. then sa yosi before half pack (10 sticks), but then naitigil ko for one week, then 1-maximum of 3 n *** per day.

    di pa ko naooperahan since birth, sa family namin my lolo and my father is hypertensive. and yes believe it or not sa age kong ito hypertensive na ko. dati nga nag 180/110 ako, nagnose bleed ako nun! pero according to heart center of the phils. ok nmn ang heart ko. natry ko na halos lahat, ecg,ekg, nagtreadmill pa ko. 2d echo all that stuff and up to now ok nmn so di ko lam kung baket ganun (every 4 months akong may ecg). oh yeah, before kong makalimutan when i was 18, laging sumasakit yung tyan ko and my doctor gave me this "malocs" di ko lam kung tama yung spell ko pero para syang white fluid na sabi eh usually ginagamit ng mga may ulcer.

    yan halos nasabi ko na lahat-lahat ng nangyari sa ken, nagsearch ako nang ilang topics about colon and its problems. sa totoo *** NERBYOSO ako. oh how i wish ikaw n *** ang doctor ko ng malaman ko na kung anong meron ako and di na ko magworry.

    again thanks for your time sir/madam.

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    With the medical and social history you gave, I'm thinking that your ulcer is probably back--a duodenal ulcer which is common among young adults. Pain is usually 2-3 hours after meals and 12mn-3am during sleeping time. your alcohol intake and smoking also predisposes you to such kind of ulcer. if you've been stressed lately, it adds up as well.

    Buscopan (Hyosine butylbromide) is an antispasmodic (relieves the cramps) and an anticholinergic (like Loperamide) which may be giving you the "constipated feeling". Otherwise, it may just be caused by your concern towards your condition or other stress inducing matters.
    Maalox (a combination of Aluminum hydroxide and Magnesium hydroxide) is an antacid (neutralize gastric secretions) which is used to relieve symptoms of peptic ulcers.

    As with your urine output, it should be almost equal to your fluid intake, otherwise, we have a problem. Given that you've been urinating for more than 15 times already, we should still consider that you've drank around 2 liters of fluid already which warrants that number of toilet visits and add to that the probable stress you are having, being bothered by the pain.

    I suggest you see a doctor to rule out any colon obstruction (which may explain the pain and the urinary frequency) or to consider if it's ulcer.

    Btw, I'm a she, and I'm a nurse. (owel, planning to take up med soon)
    Hope I've helped you somehow.

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    again, thanks to all of you .. sa mga nagreply. thanks sa time especially to you (my R.N.) tintable . to all the suggestions and advices... thank you! i just called my doctor and tomorrow i have an appointment with her. but then, di sa clinic nya kundi dun sa Makati Med. ***** nasasabayan *** ng stress and sobrang worry.

    thanks again! buti n *** may pex!

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    ^no prob!

    keep us updated. good luck!

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    sana nga walang maging problem...

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    Smile pain in the lower left abdomen

    i've just read ur experience and it was almost 4 years now.......
    maybe i could get some advise from u regarding this matter...i am experiencing right now maybe 2 years the same kind of illness but until now the doc havn't diagnosed it........
    maybe you could help me..
    a right doc to check me, or the do's and dont's and maybe the foods to eat..........
    ill wait for your reply........
    tnx a lot.
    its a big help........
    pls email me at [email protected]....
    tnx again,,.

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    Krayzie game, mukhang may obstruction sa bowel movement mo, you need to consult to a gastroenterologist to examine your intestines, it maybe a Fecal empaction or a Tumor in your intestines. Kelangan po kasing makita ng doctor at maexamine ang intestines mo para masigurado kung ano talaga ang Cause ng obstruction sa bowel movement mo. Di Kita tinatakot pero mas maganda kung maagang makita ang dahilan nito upang magamot agad. .

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    Bottomline po just see a doctor especially if your symptoms are persistent.

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    hi, im 31 yrs old famale my probleme din ako about abdominal pain *****!! kc ganito un 2003 nadiognose na my gastritis ako kc nag pa gastrocopy ako sa germany my konting mikrobyo daw at ma ulap ang tammy ko then after medication at pag bago ng food life style ko gumaling ako!!! balik ko ** sa pinas 2004ok pa din ako pero2007 after ko mag ka anak bumalik ang gastritis ko every 2 or 3 months nlng ata na sa doc 2008 pa ultra sound me ng liver,di ko na lam kung anu pa *** ibang inultra sound ok naman *** ibang organ ko fatty liver nakita nila hanggang august 2009 pabalik balik me sa doc super stress na nga ako nag pa gastroscopy me uli my gasgas daw sa my sikmura di ko na matandan kung san banda un!!! di gamot na2man!!!! umokey naman ang gastritis ko ***** paminsan minsan kung sumumpong di na lang me kumakain ng bawal baon na sa utang... tapos ***** naman lagi me my uti kc lagi nga masakit lower abdomen ko left side pa check na din 2 sa o.b nag pa papmear na me ultrsound sa matres ok naman lahat my uti uli me sa ***** im not feeling well masakit lagi ulo ko feeling ko my lagnat ako pero wala naman!!!! *** pain dun pa din drink na me maraming 2big at kung anu anung herbal dyan!!!! hay pagod na me went ng doctor sawa na ako uminum ng gamot!!! pag my gastritis ka pa naman di ka pwede uminum ng kung anu anung gamot help naman pls.

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    Surgeon in the House
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    Apr 2008
    Did your doctor rule out urinary stones?

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    nag pa check na po ako sa doc last thursday,, my U.T.I ako pero mild lang daw pero advice nya sakin na ipa culture ko ang urine ko para malaman daw kung anung organisim ang meron sa urine ko baka i advice nya din me mag pa ultra sound ng kidney kc pabalik balik nga ang U.T.I,,, tuloy ko lang daw yung gamot ko na omeprazole kc ask ko kung anu inumin ko na gamot sa U.T.I yun nalang daw po!!!! pero ang pain sa lower abdomen lower back pain din ganun pa din masakit ang ulo.... hayyyyyy dont know *** to do....tommorow pa ako pa culture ng urine ko.

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    ^ it would be best if we wait for the urine culture results before taking any antibiotics. Your physician may be thinking of a recurrent infection that's why he asked for a urine culture. For the meantime, you can go back to him/her and ask for a pain reliever if he/she didn't give you one.

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    thankz kram!!!! but sad to say adjust ko sched for urine culture test kasi wala iwan sa anak ko dami pa ako work ** sa hauz,,,, how long kaya mag wait ng result ng urine culture? huhuhuhu the pain is still hir!!! 4 days na ako na umaga na naka2 2log...bukas talaga went uli me hospital kaya sleep na me nyt.. sir matulis ask ko lang po urinary stones posible ba ako dun???tnxz

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    ^^ it is possible that you may have urinary stones and/or infection which causes pain in your abdomen. Urine culture results usually come out within 3-5 days, depending on the hospital.

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    hello po

    wala na po bang update dito?.. inaabangan ko po kasi.. coz ine experience ko din tong lower left abdominal pain.. nag pa ultrasound, urine culture, urinalysis.. ala namang result po.. ok naman daw,, pero bakit masakit..=(.. mag 3 years nato.. ilang beses na ako nagpapa check up..

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