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    Namamangka sa 2 Ilog?

    My guy friend said the girl I like is namamangka sa 2 ilog because she's entertaining 2 guys at the same time: me, who can't really pursue her and a guy who's been hot on her since january this year. i already expressed my feelings to her and the feeling is mutual. we never dated but we're very close. the other guy naman is her constant you see anyting wrong here? my guy friend thinks so

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    magaling *** syang mamangka sa dalwang ilog... tyak dalwa rin sagwan nya. *** nya dahil magkalapit laang ang dalwang bangka... *** palundag-lundag sya sanyong dalwa. nababasa rin *** sya?

    kung nasa courtship kyong dalwang lalake... *** syang sabit... dahil namimili pa sya. kung nakapili at sumagot na si babae... ibang usapan na yan.

    ako nga namamangka sa tatlong ilog... lahat wlang tubig... nilalakad ko.



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    She's not committed to any of you so she's free to go out with anybody. Once may sinagot na siya and ganun pa din yung set up, then there's something wrong, otherwise, everything looks good to me..

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    di po sya namamangka sa 2 ilog......ilan ba sagwan nya?

    sa mga girls may saying na "collect and collect then select" asa stage palang sya ng pag cocollect....there's nothing wrong with that...kaya sya nkikipag date para malaman kung sino sasagutin nyaq.....gumagawa lang yan ng wise decision noh

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    you simply can't say na " namamangka sa dalawang ilog" not unless she is seriously committed. minsan kasi we have this notion na kahit na manliligaw pa lang you cannot anymore entertain other guys...

    generally, there is no relationship so walang mali... pangalawa kung yung friend mo pinagsabay silang sinagot, she is not yet on the serious stage, any person would come to a point of being a player. this is but normal. what is not normal never having to choose one serious relationship at all...

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    unfair ka naman dude! di pa *** ganyan ka na magselos?! heller naman no!

    that's the best part of being a girl, you're the one who will do the selection, not the boys, so accept that pare. ala ka na magagawa dun.

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    siya ang nililigawan kaya may choice siya kung kanino nya gustong magpaligaw.

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    she's single. she has the choice to date anyone she wants. hindi sha namamangka sa dalawang ilog. that would be the case if she has a bf. but in this case, walang bf na involved.

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    it comes with the territory, when you're single you have noone to answer to but yourself; so it goes that you can do whatever you want.

    she has her options, yun lang yon.

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    As long as she is not committed there's nothing wrong in entertaining 2 guys at a time. It's a matter of choosing. It doesn't mean that if you courted her, she's not allowed to meet other guys. A single person can date any girl/guy he chose to date. It might be 2,3,4, a time. As long as you can handle.

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