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    Lightbulb Reviews for Tiki-tiki Drops and Tiki-tiki Star Syrup

    Hi! I just would like to get your comments on the above brands... to those who have used it ... (why you liked it ) and don't (why you don't like it)

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    my sister is 5 yrs old and uses tikitiki star syrup, medyo lumakas ang resistensya niya at maliksi siya at magana kumain kaya nagstay kami sa tiki tiki star.

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    Wounded but Standing
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    Yung baby ko kapag nakakainom ng Tiki Tiki Drops mahimbing ang tulog at ganado siyang kumain.

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    my five year old even asks for tiki tiki star by name. okay naman sha kc lumakas kumian anak ko.

    if you look at the formulation of most vitamin brands, you will notice that essentially, most of them are the same naman .

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    Bata pa lang ako, may Tiki Tiki na. "United American Tiki Tiki. Tiki Tiki for babies!"

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    my kids used to take this. actually, palit-palit ang vitamins nila kc sa tagal ng gamit, nawawalan ng effect. advise sa akin ng pedia niya yon. my kids are taking cherrifer now. madaming nagsasabi na maganda.

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    wow, dami *** fans nito! we grew up on tiki-tiki pati mga pamangkin ko

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    my daughter used to take tiki tiki star. and magana nga siyang kumain. but like sara_chase's pedia, palit-pallit din ang vitamins namin (every 2 months). self-prescribed na ako, kung anong makita kong effective for them, binabalikan ko after 3 cycles.

    mosegor is nakakagana din (halata bang mahirap pakainin ang anak ko?), pero according sa pedia, hindi advisable pag school days kasi hindi daw gaanong naa-absorb ng mga kids ang tinuturo sa school kasi kakaantok sya.

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    WAHM Wannabe sweetwahm's Avatar
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    my baby's 7 months old na and he's been taking cherifer as prescribed by my pedia. he's been gagging on it for a couple of days now, parang ayaw na nya. time to change?

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    looking for my next mistake Sweetkay's Avatar
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    Cherifer? I thought pag 2 years old na dapat yun?

    Our baby is drinking NUTRILIN ... lakas magdede and mahimbing naman ...

    He's only 2months old sa 14th ...

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    What is Nutrilin Syrup for?
    Nutrilin Syrup is a multivitamin and mineral preparation that helps stimulate appetite; promote growth; promote vigor and vitality; increase body resistance to stress and infections; maintain healthy eyes, skin, gums, and lining cells; build sturdy bones and teeth; and assist in blood formation. It is intended for use by children one year and above.

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    There's also Nutrillin Drops for infants. My Xan takes that as prescribed by his pedia. He's also taking Ceelin drops. I would want him to try Tiki-tiki too pero mukang ok na sya sa vits nya. and he loves taking it, parang ang sarap for him. His only 3 months.

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    my baby is half european half pinoy.. is tiki tiki okay for him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by b1thybebo
    my baby is half european half pinoy.. is tiki tiki okay for him?

    why not? i don't think tiki-tiki or any vits is eerr...racist.

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    certified mommy DaNa8's Avatar
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    bebi's world
    Hehe, natawa naman ako dito.

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    hahaha! i wish she could have elaborated kse. dunno what else to say.

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    hahahaha as if may difference ko anong lahi ng iinom eh noh... :P

    mura lang tiki tiki diba? ano ba prescribe na vit ng mga pedia nyo nung newborn pa lang babies nyo..?

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    certified mommy DaNa8's Avatar
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    Polyvisol and Cevisol

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    my baby takes tikitiki plus. mukhang ok naman. takaw ni bebi ko eh.

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