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PHOTOS: Aguilar, Ginebra Bully Talk N Text

Ginebra had no problems in their opening campaign after a 101-81 win over TNT. Japeth Aguilar proved to be too much for the Texters with his game-high 18pts, 18rebs and 5 blks.

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PROMO: Big Hero 6

Join the promo and get a chance to win special screening tickets to Big Hero 6!

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Show Me Your Winning Teeths!

Merly and Chelsey are back for a new season of SMYT and they are 'happy to serve' you a new episode about the Miss World pageant and the UAAP Finals.

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PHOTOS: 40th PBA Season Opening Ceremony

Ellen Adarna, Megan Young and Alice Dixson led the parade of team muses yesterday during the Opening Ceremony of the new PBA season. Check our gallery here!

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PHOTOS: Kia Victorious in Battle of Newcomers

LA Revilla (23pts, 7rebs) stole away the spotlight off of boxing champ Manny Pacquiao's PBA debut, as he rallied Kia over Blackwater 80-66.

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REVIEW: The Trial

If there's one particular asset the film has, it's the ensemble.

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    P80 buffet breakfast at Something Fishy

    i work here in eastwood but i haven't tried it. they say it's really worth it! served from 12am to 10am. ok for gimikeros and call center workers in the area.

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    Beerhand Gets Big Pots GreatBop's Avatar
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    Nov 2000
    80 pesos breakfast buffet?!?!

    wow thanks for the heads up.

    we usually end up way after 12 there anyway.

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    any feedback?

    i also work in eastwood but i haven't tried it yet..

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    not interested
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    Mar 2005
    far far away
    12am? You mean 12midnight? Until the next morning??

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    i called something fishy and it's confirmed: 80 pesos breakfast buffet, 12 midnite to 10 am.

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    is this breakfast buffet a regular thing?

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    Beerhand Gets Big Pots GreatBop's Avatar
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    Nov 2000
    asked my friends about it. yeah totoo daw. food is tocino, longanisa, etc..

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    yup.yup......tocino,hotdog,eggs(your choice of how to cook it), soup, pancit malabon, pancakes, salted eggs too, etc......although pag nakakain ka dun ng mga two or three times medyo ayaw mo na kasi same items naman.

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    Jun 2003
    fox river prison
    meron pa ba until now?

    where po ba near to?

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    Yes meron pa. Still P 80 / pax. Unlimited iced tea is P 35. This is the standard fare:

    - Mami
    - Congee
    - Pancakes
    - Pancit Palabok
    - Fried Rice
    - Scrambled eggs (no choice)
    - Chicken Adobo
    - Sauteed Hotdog
    - Longganisa
    - Tocino
    - Tapa
    - Boneless Bangus

    There is no bacon though. I've been here 3 times and I never got to the dessert.

    It's actually not bad to pretty good. Can't really complain for only P 80.--. Even the service is OK. Dami pang call center chicks.
    12 MN to 10AM.

    Macau restaurant next door also has one at P 120 per person yata.

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    Jun 2003
    fox river prison
    thanks...i might try it tomorrow after work with a couple of friends and my boyfriend^^

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    i heard about this and my friends are raving about it. they work in a call center in eastwood and after shift they always go there to pig out!

    too bad im not there anymore. i miss eastwood.

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    m@s@m@ng t@0
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    Sep 2000
    Taguig City
    for 80 pesos, sulit na sulit na to... heck d na ako nakakapag lunch after nito hehe.. busog na!

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    Parang mas sulit ata sa Macau? P120, with drinks na yun. Mas maganda pa service nila. We tried Sumthin Fishy once, we vowed never to go back kasi ilang ulit mo tawagin yung waiter, parang nananadya na kunwari di ka narinig or nakita. No exaggeration ha, nung nakuha na namin attention ng isa, 7 times namin tinawag-tawag yung waiter, paikot-ikot lang siya, sabi ng sabi ng sandali lang, sandali lang. Naka 10 mins na yung sandali nila. Oorder lang naman kami ng eggs. Kasi scrambled eggs lang meron, we requested for sunny side up, ang sabi ba naman, 30 mins daw kami maghintay for our 2 eggs! Ano ba yun? Sabi nga namin, baka gusto ng cook nyo e tulungan namin sya magluto? So anyway, ayun, we waited a total of 40 mins for a greasy pair of sunny side up eggs.

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    went there twice the past three weeks. will not go there til after about two months.

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    once pa lang ako nakakain dito. hmm ok naman yung service samin mabilis. mabilis lang maubos yung beef tapa. timing lang siguro. and for 80 pesos ok na 'to

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    fox river prison
    what's good po ba sa macau?

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    for 80 bucks sulit talaga sa bulsa pero food is mediocre. pantawid gutom lang talaga.

    eat there everyday and u'd probably **** ur guts out.

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    star of the abes! tidus1203's Avatar
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    11 Wall St.
    I would agree with Shemale Lover. Talagang nakakasuka din yung pagkain pag inaraw araw mo. The quality of the food is even below mediocre. The tapa I dont think is even beef its pork. The chicken is puro buto and very few meaty parts and the fish parang peke yung itsura di malaman.... Masarap dun yung scramble eggs very creamy.... Yung beef mami kadiri din parang ang peke ng beef eh.

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    fox river prison
    we are planning to go there tonight after work, so do you guys think macau is better?

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