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    Mukhang ma-mo-move ang Your Song episode ng JaRla... Hope it doesn't get delayed too much.

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    I hope they still air this.... even if it won't be on August 27 anymore...



    Caught the trailer for JaRla's Your Song Episode

    The song is PANALANGIN by GISH

    Here are screenshots from the trailer:

    http://static.flickr.com/90/212489731_2807b28f9e_o.jpg http://static.flickr.com/90/212489734_2cc0dca35a_o.jpg
    http://static.flickr.com/60/212489740_623d6bbf42_o.jpg http://static.flickr.com/86/212489736_7b4a7722fe_o.jpg
    http://static.flickr.com/83/212489738_baef6390ec_o.jpg http://static.flickr.com/75/212489739_75d7d6c61c_o.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxylucy
    up natin for super janus ...hehehe...
    Hi lucy! Thanks for stopping by.

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    Janus and Alwyn were spotted at the 40th Birthday Bash of Direk Wenn Deramas

    Photos from HollywoodFlip.com by Oliver Carnay

    Click here and Click here too

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    Janus will be in this weekend's episode of KOMIKS: Pedro Penduko.

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    JaRla's YOUR SONG episode will air this weekend, Oct 1.

    Title is PANALANGIN.

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    Janus is in tomorrow's episode of STAR MAGIC PRESENTS entitled "3 MINUTES" which will feature JoRox.

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    ♥KJR na VDs pa!♥ ako_ay_ako's Avatar
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    Wink Promote Lang po

    Hello popromote lang po


    Star Magic Presents JoRox

    The much awaited episode of beloved love team JoRox is finally showing as your date movie this Saturday on Star Magic Presents. Written by Maribel Ilag and directed by Don Cuaresma, Joross Gamboa and Roxanne Guinoo’s "3 Minutes" will also feature Janus Del Prado, Neri Naig, Ryan Ramos, Joyce So and Jaymee Joaquin.

    Melvin (Joross) and Jessie (Roxanne) are reluctant speed daters who were only forced to join the said activity by their friends. Unexpectedly they meet and click. Both are hung up on their exes until they realize that they deserve better. Come to think of it they are actually a better match. Unfortunately, they had to part ways due to a misunderstanding. Until another speed dating event led them again to each others arms. This time though, they both want to take it slow.

    Catch Star Magic Presents with Joross and Roxanne this Saturday at 4:45 pm after Let’s Go!

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    Janus was in Komiks: Da Adventures of Pedro Penduko -- in the earlier episodes. If you have a subscription to ABS-CBN Now, you can still catch it.

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    Janus and Alwyn from the Star Magic Catalog 2007


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