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  1. #1

    BesT PEP SQuaD***

    You're rooting for ....

  2. #2
    i smell something...kinda bashing game na naman!

    Anywayz- not being bias....siyempre, sino pa ba ang may-pinakamaraming panalo sa UAAP and outside UAAP cheering competitions?

    not UP nor ATENEO nor DLSU nor FEU nor NU nor UE nor ADAMSON......sino pa ba wala sa UAAP roster?

    ah alam ko na!


    saan nga pala galing tong dance troupe na to?

    i will not mention the name...common sense is still common nowadays.....i beleive!


  3. #3

  4. #4
    i agree... salinggawi rocks!!! i'm from la salle, but i do agree with you guys that the dance troupe of ust does look good on the dance floor.

    but hey... i love our pep squad too!!! ANIMO LA SALLE!!! i admire them a lot for all the work and patience they put into their routines.

    kahit saang pep squad pa yan, pinaghihirapan yan!!! salutations to all pep squad-ers out der!!!

  5. #5
    the parin ang sa CSB pep squad..

    nanalo pa kami........

  6. #6
    UST Salinggawi, no doubt the best!
    Though the La Salle Pep Squad is also great!

  7. #7
    Go USTe! Go USTe!




    May tanong ako.....sino susunod sa Salinggawi?

    For me the DLSU Pep Squad.



    [ sawa na akong mag-edit!!! errrrrrrrrr!!! elijah ]

  8. #8
    for me it's the UST salinggawi dance troupe.... for originality...

    DLSU pep squad has those catchy cheers, i find them cool...

    UP pep squad... magaling din...fave ko yung u-ni-bersidad ng pilipinas (8 times!)

    then ADMU.... the drum beats makes it better....

    the rest....hmmm what can i say...sorry but....eto lang ang napupuna ko....

    GAYA GAYA KAYO! mapa uaap/ncaa...

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    Ang ganda nito ah, civilize tayo for once. Anyway in terms of cheer dancing, tops talaga Salinggawi. I specially like the go-go-go USTeeee...then the U...S....T....UST Tigers!!!! he-he solid. Pero in terms of cheering in crescendo, number 1 ang Ateneo crowd. Grabe pag nag wa-one big fight sila, tapos yung get that ball nila, original and also the blue eagle spelling.

    I have a question. Actually 2. Huwag magagalit tatamaan ha? first bakit same ang drum beats ng UST and Adamson? I think original ang sa UST? Second, bakit pareho ang beats and tone ng UP fight sa Zama-zimma-zam cheer ng LaSalle? I'm sure LaSalle ang original dito because I know for a fact that since 1926 pa ang zama-zimma-zam cheer ng LaSalle. O wala naman kopyahan ng beats and cheers oh.

    As for the DLSU pep squad. All I can say is ang titigas ng ulo nila. Some alumni are trying to inject old and new cheers to their routine and yet they won't listen! Talk about bullheadedness. Pinakamaganda sana yung mga cheers ng LaSalle eh.

    O mga pep ng LaSalle, ano ba ibig sabihin ng Rektikano?alam niyo ba?alam niyo rin ba yung cheer ng LaSalle na SAGITA?

    [This message has been edited by REKTIKANO (edited 03-14-2000).]

  11. #10
    Good observation RETIKANO. I also admire how solid the Ateneo crowd cheer simultaneously. The Blue Bubble Bat. should improve their choreography. I have a question: takot ba silang madapa o malaglag kaya very simple ang kanilang steps?

    As for UP Maroons pep squad, okay ang choreography dahil athletic ang dating. Yun lang outfit nila every year, parang hindi pang-cheerers. Ganda nga pero parang may mali. Sila champion last season, right?

    Sa DLSU pep squad, okay din. For the first time, I saw an original execution of pyramids from their group. Ibang style . Wag sa nang magagalit: dami kasi nagsasabi yabang dating nila, so sana, medyo humble ng konti. Kaya ang daming namimintas sa kanila. Natatawag tuloy na "trying hard" ng iba. Sana DLSU will prove that it isn't true

    UST Salinggawi? Without being biased, aminado naman tayo magaling sila talaga. Solid. Firm. Fast-pacing. Original. 3-time winner out of 4 competitions! Dami lang nanggagaya ng steps sa kanila. I think FEU and Adamson pep squads copied several steps from the Salinggawi. Lalo na yung execution ng pyramids..tsk.. tsk..

    UE naman. At least di nanggagaya pero okay na rin. I always thought of UE as being darkhorse during cheering competitions.

    FEU. Huwag magagalit. Nababaduyan talaga ako.

    Atleast ang Adamson last season medyo okay saka pulido ang performance nila during the competition.

    NU. Habol kayo ha?

    Sino kaya ang strong contender sa Cheering Competition next season?

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    ATENEO. Their Blue Babble Battalion can really get the crowd going. As for their cheerdancers, they're good but they still need work.

    LA SALLE. They're good din. They're good in dancing and synchronization.

    UST SALINGGAWI. I'm sure a lot of people say they are good. And they are. And they know that. And that's the problem. Masyado na silang mayabang. I think most people don't know that during the Cheering Competition last year, they placed second lang. Since di makayanan ng ego nila, they had to contest yung pagkapanalo ng UP Pep sa UAAP board. Talk about sore losers.

    FEU. Uhmm... mababait naman yata sila.

    UP. They're good. And they train hard. They're always on this quest to become better. Kung suportahan lang sana sila ng UP... As for their costume, well, they have always been the trendsetters. They don't stick to the traditional outfits.

    UE. Okay na sana except that ginaya nila yung striped pants ng UP Pep Squad.

    ADAMSON. They're getting better. But we have to give them credit, their cheerleaders are still in high school. And they have addmitted to copying cheers from other schools.

    NU. No comment.

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    Okis, Okis, Okis:
    Wag kang mag-maganda pls. lang!
    Kung nabasa mo ang ibang post- wala namang naninira ano? IF UR GOING TO START A FIGHT-better leave! The way u state ur post- it's kinda discriminating! HOW DID U KNOW NA MAYAYABANG ANG MGA MEMBERS NG SALINGGAWI- bakit member ka ba non?

    Or kung nagpapapansin ka naman, eh gumawa ka ng sarili mong topic! Akala mo ba eh may papansin ng topic mo? _____________________________________________

    May the Good Lord bless you and YOUR CALCULATED PREJUDICES!



    I should have not criticize ur post...walang kwenta eh!
    Sana tinuturuan ka ng school mong MAGHANAP MUNA ng TAMANG BATAYAN at mga impormasyon para di ka nasasabon!


    [This message has been edited by elijah edited (03-18-2000)]

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    No fighting pls. Anybody can cheer...nobody can boo...OK.

  16. #15


    Rach: thanks for the comment. Its really good na people notice the babble's ability with the crowd. With regards to the steps, we tend to be more of a traditional cheering squad. So in changing the steps and maybe adding new cheers while we're at it, isn't something easy to do. Although, I understand your point, that's basically why our steps seem very simple. But, this year hopefully we could inject new flavor to our cheers.

  17. #16



    Sige! I'll look forward to that new flavor para mas masaya!

  18. #17


    Have you guys seen the assumption hardcourt and pep squad. Kahit mga high school ppol lang sila, beside you guys sobrang superior sila!!! ang galing nila. Pretty na nga ( lahat sila ok?!) original pa yung mga routine and stunts nila. Hindi parang yung mga corny prep-like pyramids na ginagawa ng mga UAAP or NCAA squads.

  19. #18

    Thumbs up

    Agree ako sa iyo diyan, skipper! Ang laki ng lamang ng mga exclusive girls' high schools like AC and Poveda, and DLS-Zobel pep squad kumpara sa mga PEP squad ng college. Lahat pa sila ay magaganda at hindi baduy! Mga pahanginan dito ng colleges na magagaling ang pep squad nila kuno...tignan niyo muna kung gaano kagaling ang mga pep squad sa high school! Very original, ka-level na ng mga pep squad ng US. Di gaya ng mga UAAP pep squad na nakakaawa ang mga stunts at pyramids. Sigurado akong maaawa kayo sa pep squad ninyo.

  20. #19


    hav to agree with timothy... ibang klase ang cheering sa highschool! (special mention ang zobel ) ALL OUT TALAGA!!! EVERY YEAR PATINDI NG PATINDI ANG ROUTINES!!! AND ALWAYS HIGH ENERGY LEVEL!!!

    i know the dlsu pep squad has this traditional, yet funky ways of doing their routines... pero opinion lang ha... variety and a different type of cheering (*** high energy) could really do wonders for the all out participation of the crowd

  21. #20


    I have to agree that high school pepsquads are fun to watch too. Back then, Poveda, Assumption and Miriam were all equally good. Povedans are truly gifted in gymnastics, and most of them then were in the national team. The Assumptionistas were very creative in their routine and the Miriams had great cheers then and had a lot of dance routines.

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