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    Darna vs Encantadia

    Darna recorded the highest premier telecast in Philippine Television. Can it sustain the high ratings?

    Meanwhile, GMA 7 is currently showing teasers of their new fantasy series, Encantadia. Judging from these teasers, the show looks interesting and promising. Could it break Darna's premier telecast?

    Let's wait and see.

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    Ito talaga ang labanan ngayon. Sino sa dalawa ang mangunguna?

    Naiinip na ako sa Encantadia. ANg ganda ng teasers. Great new concept ng GMA on primetime TV.

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    Encantadia ready to captivate audiences

    Photos credit to tay3lor

    Amihan grows up in the mortal world, with her loving and kind father, Raquim. She grows up believing that she is human. But one night, the Hathor came. The Hathor, fierce creatures from the world of Encantadia, arrive in the mortal realm to kill Raquim. Raquim is murdered but Amihan is rescued. She is taken back to Lireo, a magical world of fairies. It is here that she discovers the truth about her heritage that her mother is the Queen of the Fairies. Entrusted with one of four key crystals, Amihanís real life begins in the world called Encantadia.

    This is the premise of Encantadia, the newest fantasy series airing soon on GMA. Filmed on an elaborate sound stage and on locations around Luzon, the series aims to bring to life the enthralling adventures of the four fairy princesses and their struggle for both power and peace. This undertaking will span across the entire fairy realm and cross over into the human world.

    Starring in the key role of Queen of the Fairies is the fair Dawn Zulueta. Her fairy daughters are played by none other than Iza Calzado (Amihan), Karylle (Alena), Sunshine Dizon (Pirena) and Diana Zubiri (Danaya). Joining them are such powerhouse veterans as Pinky Amador and Pen Medina as well as young stars Nancy Castiglione, Jennylyn Mercado and Mark Herras.

    The fantasy series, which is set to air very soon, promises to captivate and charm audiences with its intricate costumes, exciting fight scenes and commanding acting.

    http://images.inq7.net/news/entertainment/images/2005/apr/15/encantada3.jpghttp://images.inq7.net/news/entertainment/images/2005/apr/15/encantada12.jpg http://xs24.xs.to/pics/05154/enc-obb2.gif

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    apples and oranges. pero if i have to watch only one, darna siguro.

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    ako ang pipiliin ko eh *** SUGO (Mulawin II) kaso wala sa pagpipilian well ah Darna & Encantadia pa rin!!!!

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    Malapit na nating masilayan ang mundo ng mga Encantadia


    Grabe na ito. Hindi na ako makapaghintay. Nakakaadik.

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    Both are from GMA, pero based dun sa teasers na I've seen hmmm in terms of costume, tagang pinagkagastusan and the fight scenes are more convincing.. M excited even if some say that it is LOTR inspired, m still reserving my judgement until I've seen the show.. =) Pero anlaki ng inimprove ng katawan ni sunshine and iza ha.. =) They've lost some weight... If this show could live up to the noise it is creating I would be very happy kac PINOY ang may gawa.. =)

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    DARNA fan ako!

    KARRI MEDRANO will be the substance in IALSA

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    pero gusto ko rin ang DARNA

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    Pictures credit to iamatvfan from Encantadia thread... Sori forgot to include.

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    46 % - Pilot epi ng Encantdia
    47 % - Pilot epi ng Darna


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    Parehas naman silang maganda

    Pero mas type ko yung Encantadia

    grabe nakakabilib talaga!

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    photo credit to AuSiE GuRL

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    batang amihan


    photo by WaGGy

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    encantadia da best..lahat ng hinahanap ko..nasa encantadia na!!

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    Pagkapulido ng effects, as from what ive seen sa pilot .. encantadia... Pero Maski may vs both shows are from GMA, and I watch em both... =)

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    mukhang babawiin ko yung post ko earlier. mas gusto ko na ng encantadia.

    darna just pales in comparison sa encantadia. magkaiba ba ang SFX staff ng darna at encantadia? i guess nasa director din yan.

    pero nuod pa rin ako ng darna.

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    iba namn kasi concept ng encantadia..from the title palang, magical na talaga...galing, parang whitlighter ang effect..too bad i cant watch the shows...tsk tsk

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    haberdasher - why not? balik ka na sa AD?

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