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    blahbitty blah
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    Heraclin ay vitamins daw???

    Yung pedia ng kumare ko niresetahan ang baby nya ng Heraclin Dibencozide na vitamins daw. Capsule yon tapos ihahalo daw sa gatas ang laman ng isang capsule araw-araw. One capsule = P15!!!

    Nakarinig na ba kayo non? pag-search ko sa net para sa may Psoriasis yata yon.... pero hindi naman sya diagnosed na may psoriasis... hindi ko pa natatanong sa mga taga Mercury Drug tungkol sa gamot na to... sabi ng pedia ito daw ni-rerecommend nya sa lahat ng pasyente nya... seryoso ba to???? parang hindi tama eh...

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    Hi! Heraclin is an appetite stimulant.. baka payat yung baby nung kumare mo?

    They mostly prescribe this to those patient who needs to boost their appetite. Heraclin capsule form can be given to both children and adult patients.. kaya yung sa bata, pwede syang i-mix sa sa food or beverage..Generally, appetite builder meds are little bit expensive than our normal multivitamins coz they are not relly categorized as multivitamins, but as an appetite stimulant.

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    d epektib sa akin yan. binigyan ako nung bata ako nyan..

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    blahbitty blah
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    Apr 2002
    Thanks ChingChiNi! Now it makes more sense.

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    many years ago binasa ko ang kahon ng Heraclene at iyon yata ay vitamin B12 or cyanocobalamine

    nakasulat din sa kahon na anabolic siya or helps encourage daw tissue building

    di ko sure kung totoo ang claims na ito. i doubt it. the only way to get vitamin B12 deficiency is to have a purely vegetable diet... correct me if i am wrong

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    I heard it from my brother. Heracline (I don't know whether I spelled it correctly) din ang ginagamit ng anak niya. He has a seven year old son and he told me that I can use it for my 6-month old daughter (my brod's a nurse). He said it is effective and my sis-in-law told me na yun din daw ang ipinapainom sa babies doon sa isang hospital in Manila where she used to work as a nurse.

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    Heracline is in capsule form and it can be diluted in milk or infant's tea

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    Jesus Freak
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    hey moms before you give it to your kids, don't forget to ask your pedia. it's still safe to ask the doctor what to give to our children. Yung effective kay Juan ay pwedeng hindi magiging effective din kay Pedro sabi nga nila... Just a thought

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    hi there! i'm a nursing student and we just had our duty on this certain hosp'l. luckily, our clinical instructor was the head nurse, and one of my classmates (who's skinny) asked for a vitamin/drug that can stimulate her appetite. then the head nurse recommended HERACLENE...& according to my classmate, it's really effective.
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    mga pamangkin ko heraclene gamit nila, isang 5 y/o, and dalawang 3 y/o. matataba ***. mayat mya nkahingi ng milk (lactum) pro hndi na dinedede *** ambilis maubos. *** lang cnasabihan ko kuya ko na itigil na kc bka maging obese na *** mga bata. pro so far, tama *** **** ang weight nila, cute cute nga nila e...

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    My son is 4 year old and his wiegth is enough for his age, but our pedia advice us to take him heraclene.... pls advice...

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    My 7 yrs old son is taking heraclene,about a week na,sad to say,nde gaano effective,minsan magana sa pagkain minsan pihikan pa rin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anjelica
    My 7 yrs old son is taking heraclene,about a week na,sad to say,nde gaano effective,minsan magana sa pagkain minsan pihikan pa rin.
    Hi! give it time.. There's such a thing as priming time when one is taking supplements/appetite stimulants, about 1-2 weeks, bago makita ang effect or results.. At least yan ang tinuro ng Physio prof ko when i was in college.. Please somebody correct my idea if it's wrong..

    BTW, Heraclene is an RX drug- means dapat may prescription from your MD. It's not an oridnary supplement so hindi rin bsta-bastang tinetake.. And it says here sa MIMS: "Continue treatment for 2-6weeks".. So ibig sabihin ba nyan, 6 weeks max lang pwdeng gamitin? Ask your pedia then when your kids should discontinue.. Just an advise.

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    My son is 3y/o, he took heraclene for 2months and it was effective for him. gumana *** pag kain nya at talagang ang takaw nya, he gain wt when he was using that. mga 2 or 3 months na syang nag stop at nag iba ng vits ngyon, he lost his appetite again. Does anyone know kung pwede pa nya ulit yun gamitin to regain his appetite?

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    Wounded but Standing
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    Pwede bang bumili nito without prescription?

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    progay let me just give a short comment that you posted, well totoo ka talaga for adults to get all the nutrients dapat balnce diet at tamang pagkain ng vegetables but for babies that can't take solid foods yet effective din ang mge supplements and vitamins in the form of liquid or powder that can be diluted to liquid.

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    Are your kids getting the needed nutrients from meals?

    Are your kids getting the needed nutrients from meals?

    Check this website:


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    effective yan heracline kaya nga kahit mahal *** kc twice a day one in the morning then in the evening so almost P1000 a month ang gastos, ginagamit ko sa baby ko kc nakita namin lumakas *** magmilk. kc nagkaron ng time na although hindi naman *** underweight, we noticed humina *** magmilk baka daw nagsawa sa milk. now we monitor her weight every month and effective talaga ***. pero appetite stimulant lang talaga *** so iba pa *** vitamins ng ascorbic acid or iron etc. magastos pero worth it.

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    May pedia anak ko noon na niresetahan ang anak ko ng heraclene kahit hindi naman sya underweight. Actually, kaya ako umalis sa kanya kasi mabilis pa sa alas-kwatro kung mag reseta ng gamot, antibiotics included. Tapos, ayoko rin sa kanya kasi gusto nya mataba lahat ng patients nya. parang old school talaga. hahaha... so lipat ako ng pedia.

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    i was also given Heraclene to boost my 4 month old baby's appetite yes it did work the 1st 2 weeks but then again after that back to normal na naman to what i know and what i was told by my pedia its more of a biologically active form of vitamin B12 a coenzyme called Dibencozide. its an appetite stimulant but its believed to act as a nonsteroidal anabolite which would make u burn more fat and add muscle instead. so far i think di lahat 'd have the same good reaction as others experienced. diffrent body will react diffrently from one med to onther, still its best to seek for your pedia's advise before trying so.

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