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    looking for pediatric dentist

    any recommendations?

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    meron sa sm southmall (tapat ng yamaha) yung dental city ata, kaso medyo mahal

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    basta pedia dentist mahal kasi specialized siya. sa lourdes hospital sa sta. mesa manila may ilang pedia dentist dun. pero sa pedia ng anak mo ask if meron siya recommendado na pedia dentist ksi kailangan ng pedia approval kung meron procedure na gagawain.

    kuwento ko lang...kasi anak ko meron cavities sa 2 front teeth niya, sabi ng pedia dentist, e, very early stage, kaso meron stain kaya parang maitim in between nung 2 teeth. gusto gawain ay try ilang sessions kung kaya unti-untiin at baka pumayag magpa pasta anak ko, e, nakakatakot yung sound ng drill ano! so advice ng pedia dentist ay sedate. e, ako naman ang natakot sa procedure kasi sa anus idaraan ang sedation tapos ilang hours na ma-woozy feeling ang bata. tapos libo-libo ang cost kasi iba bayad ng anaesthisiologist sa pedia dentist at per tooth pa ng pastahan ang singil. anyway, against ang asawa ko sa procedure at reason niya na baby teeth pa lang naman at hindi pa permanent, so kahit pastahan, e, matatangal din naman ang ngipin.

    nag-usap din kami pedia, at open naman siya sa procedure, kaso tinignan din ngipin ng anak ko at sa personal opinion niya ay since hindi naman daw nagrereklamo anak ko na masakit, at alagaan lang sa flouride toothpaste at flossing, since tutoo naman na hindi pa nga permanent ang ngipin.

    so balik kami sa pedia dentist at sinabi ko nga na hindi kami magpapa-sedate, ano pa ba puwede gawain sa teeth para hindi lumala ang cavity. ayun at cleaning na lang at pinahiran ng flouride gel na pang protect daw ng teeth.

    so sa ngayon kahit andun pa rin cavity, e, hindi naman lumalala kasi alaga sa toothbrush, floss at minimized candy eating, at drinking lots of water.

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    Try the Pediatric Dental Center

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    The Pediatric Dental Center (PDC) is located at Banawe St. in Quezon city. It's at the 5th floor (not sure) of the building which has a Shakey's at the 1st floor. The building is beside the Fe Del Mundo Hospital (Children's Medical Center).

    Baby teeth maintain the space for the permanent teeth.

    If baby teeth are lost too early, the space for the permanent teeth gets reduced. Without enough space, sometimes when the teeth come out they overlap each other (nagkakasungki-sungki). To fix this, braces would be needed later on.

    If baby teeth get infected, not only will your kid get bad breath, the developing permanent teeth which lie inside the bone and gums underneath could become malformed and discolored when they come out, necessitating prosthetic procedures later on.

    It is actually an intelligent and cost-effective move to keep baby teeth free of cavities. Trust me, doing so would mean less headaches for you in the future.

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    Yung cousin-in-law ko lady dentist... although alaga naman sa toothbrush yung anak nya, nasira pa rin maaga yung teeth nya - siguro around 5 years old. Naupod actually...

    Ang ginawa nung CIL ko, nilagyan nya ng temporary bridge, para lang hindi maka-affect sa eating and talking yung pagkawala ng 4 front teeth. Nung nakita nyang patubo na yung permanent teeth, tinanggal na nya yung temp bridge!

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    try dra. asuncion torres

    she has clinics at medical city and cardinal santos.
    super ptatient siya sa anak kong dentist-phobic (sino ba hindi )

    her number is 6313861.

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    mytitagirl, I would have done the same thing under the circumstances. Who'd want their kid to be sedated for something so very far from being life-threatening.

    Basta ang gawin na lang ngayon, siguraduhing di na mabubulok ang ibang ngipin. Don't let baby sleep with bottle in mouth, that's the one of the best things you can do. Also, when baby eats something sweet or starchy that tends to cling to the teeth like bread or even a banana, make sure she drinks enough water to wash away as much of the stuff as possible, or make her eat something else non-sweet which will take the sweet stuff out just as well.

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    to be honest, i only found out this year there's such a thing. is it necessary? couldn't the regular pedia visit root out any problems?

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    My mom's a pediatrician (physician). Yes, a pediatrician can tell if a child has cavities or not. If she finds problems in the mouth, she refers the kid to a pediatric dentist or a general dentist for dental treatment.

    Pediatric dentists are really better at handling kids when compared to the rest of us dentists.

    Similar to orthodontists, pediatric dentists have undergone specialty training after passing the dental boards. We usually referd kids with unmanageable behavior problems to them, as behavior problems are their specialty. They also treat special children ( Down's Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Autism, etc.).

    They also treat "regular kids" and are very good at doing so, armed with the latest techniques that will hopefully keep kid's teeth cavity free.

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    i need a pedia dentist based in makati. my danni's front teeth had been damaged already by cavities...need help!


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    @Ladydredd, try the following:

    1. Susan Maria Limgenco-Ravida, DDM
    Dentistry, Pediatric

    *Asian Hospital and Medical Center
    Suite 500 Medical Office Bldg.
    Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang
    Muntinlupa City
    Phone 771-9334; 771-9000

    *Dentista, Inc. (NOTE: Dentista Inc has a Makati Branch. Please call Dr. Ravida’s Alabang office and ask if a Pediatric dentist works at the Makati Branch.)
    SM Southmall, LG/F
    Las Piñas City

    2. Mariza Gatmaitan Custodio, DDM
    Dentistry, Pediatric

    *Dental Clinic
    Unit 1901 Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center
    Pasig City
    Phone 638-3426

    3. Hazel Marie L. Tala, DDM, MDS
    Dentistry, Pediatric

    *Dr. Ruben Hilario Dental Office
    2/F Mar-Ann Bldg., President's Avenue, Sucat
    Paranaque City
    Phone 825-2869

    *Asian Hospital & Medical Center
    Unit 115, Filinvest, Alabang
    Muntinlupa City
    Phone 635-5710

    **It might be a good idea to call their offices first to set an appointment and ask for how much treatment might cost.

    Happy hunting.

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    smilewarrior: thanks a lot for the contacts!!! kaya lang, mejo malayo na sa makati yung mga contacts na bigay mo eh =)

    however, i passed by the dental clinic in patient's first glorietta yesterday and i found out that they have a resident pedia dentist there. i think im gonna try that one out...

    pero, thanks a lot pa din! =)

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    You're welcome. Good luck.

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    I brought my 2 yr old daughter to the dental clinic at podium (Lower ground level). So far everything went very well coz concern namin that the first visit to the dentist shouldn't be traumatic. The consultation fee is P300. They did a cleaning on her teeth whch cost P100 but we were given a discount so we paid P360 total. Contact #: 6330911

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    Quote Originally Posted by prettylilac
    I brought my 2 yr old daughter to the dental clinic at podium (Lower ground level). So far everything went very well coz concern namin that the first visit to the dentist shouldn't be traumatic. The consultation fee is P300. They did a cleaning on her teeth whch cost P100 but we were given a discount so we paid P360 total. Contact #: 6330911
    Wow prettylilac, that's cheap! What's the name of the dental clinic in Podium?

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    Our kids used to see Lourdes Paras-Caparas, DDM. Her clinic was in Makati (Mile Long). I don't know if she's still there, though. You might try looking her up.

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    The dental clinic is The Dental Care Center

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    meron sa sm manila.. basta dun sa top floor. i just forgot the name of the dentist. i saw it when we were there. and if anybody has tried her service, let us know ur feedback & kung how much consultation fee. tnx!

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    Try Dr. Cynthia Balite. Her clinic is near the Ortigas Ext.-Imelda Ave. Junction in Cainta.

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