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  1. #21
    you don't need to apologize at all.
    probably he was part of the of the original Sealand organization before Maersk bought it and formed Maersk Sealand.

  2. #22 you know anyone named rommel lagmay

  3. #23

  4. #24
    Holy..... just scanned the mise program sa website...pamatay yun ah... plus the requirements...parang ang steep.... I bet you must have graduated at the top of your batch and have come from a prestigious university or something in order to qualify for spots like those.... but then again, it's a program for future I guess it's expected na err... uber selective sila sa requirements

  5. #25
    up for this thread.

    i'll be having my exam tomorrow dito, but i don't have an idea kung anong position...wish me luck!

  6. #26
    sweet_ryan : at long last .. anyway .. goodluck in ur exam tomorrow .. mejo maiksi *** yung time for the exam ..

  7. #27
    ^thanks...sana makapasa. i really want the MT position. kahit hindi masyado mataas ang salary basta libre ang travel!

  8. #28

  9. #29
    ^uy oatmeal26 ikaw pala...salamat pare!

    just had my exam, hmmm, okay lang naman, i'll know the result daw tomorrow.

  10. #30
    To those who applied at Maersk, did you pass your resume at their Makati Office? Also, will you be teeling them right away that the position you desired is the Management Trainee position? Thanks!

  11. #31
    up for this thread. i have an interview dito tomorrow. logistics support something yung position, does anyone know what is it about? how about the salary for non-MTs sa maersk, okay lang ba?

  12. #32
    sweet_ryan .. where did u apply?? sa ortigas office ba or in their office in makati?? what happened in your interview ..

  13. #33
    i applied in their PBCom office. i had an interview with the logistica manager yata and then sa HR Manager. They told me that i should expect a call within two weeks kasi medyo marami pa yung naka-line up for screening.

    Question lang, how is the work environment in their PBCom office? Salary wise okay ba? How about benefits?

    I hope somebodu can answer my queries. thanks.

  14. #34
    ahehe, ang daming typo error. that's logistics and somebody btw.

  15. #35
    Quote Originally Posted by sweet_ryan
    ahehe, ang daming typo error. that's logistics and somebody btw.
    Hi sweet_ryan. was the test hard? I'll be having my test there tomorrow! Any tips?

  16. #36
    honga .. the usual exam ba yung binibigay ??

  17. #37
    Quote Originally Posted by iyah-kin
    honga .. the usual exam ba yung binibigay ??
    yup, it's the usual exam. medyo mahirap lang kasi konti lang yung time to answer the questions, something like 45 questions in 12 minutes (including math na kailangan talagang mag-compute).

  18. #38
    Quote Originally Posted by sweet_ryan
    yup, it's the usual exam. medyo mahirap lang kasi konti lang yung time to answer the questions, something like 45 questions in 12 minutes (including math na kailangan talagang mag-compute).

    Naiinis ako!!! I took the test awhile ago. The test was EASY, really. BUT, a big BUT, the test comprised of 50 items for only 12 minutes! Heck! one can ace the test easily BUT will not be able to because of time. I know that you must have the skill/intelligence to be able to solve problems in the fastest way BUT my God! 50 items (with Math problems included) for 12 minutes???


    Hey sweet_ryan, did you finish the test? I'm really depressed about this test since I know how to answer them but don't have enough time. The HR girl came in and said "30 seconds left..." ****! I was just in no.27! Anyway, I can't make some guesses naman since some questions were in identification type...

  19. #39
    ^nope, i wasn't able to finish the test too. well, i was able to answer the last question pero i skipped so many others, usually yung math questions. don't worry, kahit naman yata hindi pasado yung score mo (pero not naman super low) they might still call you. kasi ako they called me up after two weeks kahit feeling ako i did not fare well in the exam.

    about my pending questions...okay ba ang salary sa maersk for non-MT positions (logistics account manager)? how about the benefits?work culture?

  20. #40
    gaano katagal yung application process?
    i took the exam yesterday in their ortigas ofc and was interviewed by the hr several minutes after i took the exam, mag-isa lang kasi akong nag-exam kaya nacheck nila agad. nagulat nga ako kasi after the interview the hr took the time to explain the results of my personality test. sabi nya i'll have to wait for a call next week for a series of interviews. mga ilang interviews ba yun?
    w/ regards to the exam, sobrang time pressured kasi 2 sets of test consisting of 50 items each in 12min. i wasn't expecting that. i just skipped the parts where i have to compute alot. binalikan ko na lang nung may time pa, pero may mga hindi na ako nasagutan but i was able to answer at least 40 items per test.

    sweet_ryan, after you took the exam did the hr interviewed you immediately? hired ka na ba dun?

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