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    Philippines' Two Top Female Models


    its a modeling rivalry here... georgina is from ateneo and nicole is from lasalle... hehe...
    both of them are the sophisticated top models of the philippines

    who do u think is a better model???
    Last edited by meyrs17; Aug 22, 2004 at 07:37 PM.

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    i dont know them... but their beauty are both very common.

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    National Day of Shame FendeR_21's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    id still go with classics like Cristina Garcia

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    The top Filipina model right now is US based Verns Buckley who is now under contract with Ford Models Inc. in the US and Storm (the agency of Kate Moss) in Europe. Another up and coming international Filipina model is Gayle Ong who together with Gayle is under Cal Carrie's here in the Philippines. Gayle just left for the US to sign the contract with Ford.

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    Re: Philippines' Two Top Female Models

    Originally posted by meyrs17

    its a modeling rivalry here... georgina is from ateneo and nicole is from lasalle... hehe...
    both of them are the sophisticated top models of the philippines

    who do u think is a better model???

    I've seen better looking models.

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    I love MARIEL R. <3
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    Feb 2004
    georgina is no doubt truly GORGEOUS! pero i heared from someone [here in pex] na masyado daw syang attention seeker ika nga eh..SHOW OFF daw [pssst! hndi po ako ang nagsabi nito pmunta *** sa thread ng admu tpos meron dun!] pero talagang maganda sya..meztiza tlaga!

    si nicole naman..super pretty,simple,down-to-earth basta ang bait bait nya talaga!

    between the two of them..i'd go for NICOLE
    Beauty Inside and Out talaga!
    pero simpleng tao lang

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    They couldnt possibly be the TOP 2 models. Maybe the two most promising models.

    For a long time, RP's ramp queen in JOAN BITAGCOL.

    Insiders will agree that she has the ooomph, the work ethics and the acknowledgement of her peers.

    Joan is semi-retired now but MEGA MAGAZINE two years ago awarded her the Philippines Top Model Award over big names in the industry. She has turned most of her attention to photography.

    The irony is that Joan is the only one who comes from a poor family, lahar victims in fact from Pampanga. She was discovered eating pancit by the national highway in Bulacan.

    Possibly Joan's heir is ISABEL ROCES, classic features with so much arresting presence on or off stage.

    As we had studied in my pop culture class at UP, In the 1940s to the 1960s, the top model was CHONA RECTO KASTEN. The other big names were: Pearlie Arcache, Elvira Ledesma (Manahan), Conchitina Sevilla (Bernardo), Toni Serrano (Parsons) and several others.

    The 1970s belonged to many names: Ping Federis, Tetta Agustin, Bessie Badilla, Diane Benisano, Menchu Menchaca and a top Filipina model from UP and Philippine Science High School who made it to New York, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and London: Ana Bayle. Top commercial models were Crispy Santamaria, and the Revilla sisters (Tina, Maritess, Cita, etc.)

    The early to mid 1980s clearly belonged to Melanie Marquez and Tina Maristela.

    The late 1980s to early 1990s belong to Tweety de Leon, Patty Betita, Bea Recto, Izza Gonzalez and several others who co-founded PMAP.

    The late 1990s to early 200os belonged to Joan Bitagcol.

    There are several other notables who emerged during this period but Joan clearly dominated the ramp. She was also frequently tapped to do print, ramp and TV commercials in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

    It is too early to hype Georgina and Nicole as the 2 top RP models.

    Promising maybe but not the TOP--yet.

    Marami pa silang bigas na kakainin.

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    After the generation of Joan, I agree that Verns Buckley is the next big thing.

    In fact I will put Verns and Tutay Maristela and several Joey Espino models way ahead of Georgina and Nicole.

    Let us not hype people ahead of time. Let Nicole and Georgina prove their worth. Makakasira sa career nila if we hype them this early.

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    Originally posted by jj9527
    After the generation of Joan, I agree that Verns Buckley is the next big thing.
    Dba one of the semifinalists c Verns Buckley s SuperModel Of The World 2002 organized by Ford Inc.... Grabeh!! Nakta k yan c Verns s Glorietta when they held the Fashion Week there... Ang tindi nyan rumampa... Pro cyempre c Joan Bitagcol prin ang reyna s catwalk...

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    Dazed and Confused
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    May 2004
    Yep, I think they're just one of the typical mestizas.

    I'd still go for the likes of Eazel Don and Joanne Bitangcol.

    I didn't know Tutay's surname not until now. Thanks for the info.

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    Originally posted by CyberShiva
    Dba one of the semifinalists c Verns Buckley s SuperModel Of The World 2002 organized by Ford Inc.... Grabeh!! Nakta k yan c Verns s Glorietta when they held the Fashion Week there... Ang tindi nyan rumampa... Pro cyempre c Joan Bitagcol prin ang reyna s catwalk...
    Since Verns's semi-finals streak at supermodel 2002 in the dominican republic she since become an official model of the ford modelling agency in new york and is represented in europe by storm the agency of model kate moss and sophie dahl. another philippine model who'll soon become an official ford model is 2001 supermodel philippines 2nd placer gayle ong. who's oriental beauty have landed her one of the most bankabe models in the philippines and in asia. appearing in shows of jean paul gaultier in asia a few years back. she's also with the calcarrie's here in manila the same agency of joan bitagcol, verns buckley, 2Tay maristela. their just few of the models managed by joey espino. gayle only does fashion shows for designers like inno sotto, ben ferrales to name a few. she don't appear in RTW fashion shows like that of JAG since she was on the most expensive models to hire. together with the names i mentioned above she's one of the top ramp models in the country.

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    up and coming ramp models in the country are as of the moment are kelly misa, melissa frye, olivia daytia, meki saldaña, kristine bayer, alexandra iscat and jeanne harn. Alex, Jeanne, Meki and Kristine are with CalCarries. Olivia is with UpStyle, Melissa who was Best Model of the World 1R/U is with Acquire, the same agency of Binibining Pilipinas winners Michelle Reyes, Maricar Balagtas, Abby Arenas and Kelly was formerly with CalCarries.

    BTW current Binibining Pilipinas World Karla Bautista was a candidate at the 2001 Supermodel of the World Philippines. And modelled for CalCarrie's before going to college and joining Binibini.

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    kelly misa = yes. rissa samson = i've seen better.

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    Miss Philippines_Earth
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    Jun 2001

    Ei there...

    I've worked with Georgina actually... well she's pretty. yeah... but i guess we have to define here kung anong field of modeling, whether ramp or commercial?

    and bubbles dear, it's escat not iscat.

    For me the top Philippine model pa rin is the premiere Melanie Marquez... no more no less. Oo naman, Verna is really a top model.

    By the way, hasn't anyone wondered why models abroad have to be a well-known runway model before they start a commercial while here in Manila one has to be a top commercial model before they can ramp...

    <To cayeexsh>
    Tutay's surname is Maristela.

    Oh yeah, Joan Bitagcol too you know?!

    Heto na lang... georgina and nicole are potential commercial models but they cannot be known internationally kasi they never have done any fashion week at all... yeah true, may mga cheapy-cheap fashion shows na ginawa sila but not that big to consider them as a top model kasi dapat kilala ka sa field of ramp and commercials.

    Right now, I would have to say Isabel Roces is a top model kasi kilala siya sa both fields of modeling. Yung ibang Carries kasi sa Singapore naman sila gumagawa ng commercials...

    Meki Saldaña, Supermodel 2003 Philippines, in-fact became a commercial model for Pantene which aired in some areas of the US. galing di ba?!

    Rissa Samson is a model; however, she's only known here and not internationally. well, alam mo naman dito kapag kilala ang parents mo model ka na kahit wala kang appeal. but I'm not saying wala siyang appeal... I just hate it when she goes biatching around especially nung recent Philippine Fashion Week and Manila Fashion Week backstage... To all her friends, sorry ha pero I just hate kung paano siya mangmata ng model kasi e.

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    Hey Carls. I couldn't agree more Rissa and you can add her sister Raya. Goodness my blood just boils when I hear how they look down at other models and how they boss around.

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    Miss Philippines_Earth
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    Jun 2001
    Info lang... when you say top model dapat top ranking siya sa iba't ibang fields. Dapat kilala siya sa lahat ng fields like TVCommercials, Runway shows, MTV, Campaigns, and other print materials like fashion editorials, print advertisement, etc.

    So sino nga ba????

    I would have to say that the only Top Model I would have to consider is Melanie Marquez...

    Mayroon Bago pero hindi pa niya talaga ka-level si Melanie... siguro Joan Bitagcol o Verns Buckley... I think si Meryl Villacorta-Europa... she's one of those who are leading the Benetton Campaigns. She's 16, 5'81/2, and is a model for Elite Modeling Agency Miami. Baka she may be another Anna Bayle in the making.

    si Melanie kasi na-vote din siya na Top 10 most beautiful woman in the world and most beautiful Miss International of all time...

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    Ano mga tsismis kina Rissa and Raya? Frankly, I find them unappealing. They're just tall and have a Phil. Star society editor as a mother. Other than that...

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    rissa samson is too short! pag sa states yan, malamang pang print ads lang sya.. si kate moss nga na 5'7" maliit pa rin for them eh. yun nga lang high fashion talaga si kate moss kaya she deserves the title 'supermodel'

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