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    how much is the tuition fee in ua&p

    just want to ask kung magkano ba ang tuition fee sa ua&p.
    nabasa ko kasi sa trivia na it's one of the most expensive schools in the philippines..di ko lang sure. i'm studying overseas right now and i plan to take college there in the philippines (since universities here in the mid east are not that good compares sa standards natin sa pinas). and my parents wants me to study there. (in case hindi pumasa sa UP and ateneo..haha..)

    any idea how much the tuition fee is..kahit estimation lang..

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    around 2k per unit

    Originally posted by ilovenikolai
    First year? you've to pay about 58k.
    that's only 1 sem.

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    i see.
    oh, it trimester or 2 sems only?

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    two semesters,.. but surely you'll be forced to enroll every summer. pls do not think it would be easier than studying in any other university here... goodluck.

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    wow, ganun na ba kamahal ngayon?

    i graduated from ua&p 4 yrs ago, and if i remember correctly, the highest amount i paid for a sem was around 40k. dati kasi P600 lang per unit (for minor subjects) and P1, 200 sa major. shux, i'm not sure how much the tuition fee costs now.....

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    Ang alam ko pamatay ang sistema nila eh. As in parang scholar lahat na may kelangan i-maintain na average.

    Tapos pamatay din ang entrance exam.

    Question lang, totoo ba na may minus points sa pag-pasok ng mga applicants ng broken families, heard this form some people who aren't particularly happy about the Opus Dei (sp?)

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    asteeg tong skul na to ua&p. wonder wonder ko lang kung may varsity ba sila at saka kung nag oofer ba *** ng mga scholars? (not that i want to go to that school, isip ko lang)

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    asteeg tong skul na to ua&p. wonder wonder ko lang kung may varsity ba sila at saka kung nag oofer ba *** ng mga scholars? (not that i want to go to that school, isip ko lang)

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    coydeleon: di ko sure yung sa minus points pero madami akong blockmates that came from broken families..

    golden tammaraw: merong varsity kaso siempre di naman pang uaap or kahit ncaa. hehe! ncraa ata! and yup nagoofer sila ng mga scholars (mostly from southridge night school) and pwede din mag-apply for financial assistance.

    ang mahirap kasi sa ua&p, sobrang bigat ng load (21-28 units per sem) and meron kang GPA na kailangan i-maintain. and pagdating mo ng 2nd year up, may summer classes ka pa. kaya usually, mga 1/3 ng freshmen ay nakikickout or technically binibigyan ng "honorable dismissal" tapos mga 1/2 nalang ng orig batch nyo ang matitira pag graduate nyo.

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    ^also from what I hear, nag-iincrease yung required GPA diba?

    Imagine kung i-implement yan sa lahat ng schools...

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    uh huh! for every year level pataas ng pataas yung required GPA

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    yup, more than 1/3 of last year's freshies were KTFO. no appeals, no reconsiderations whatsoever.

    sa EM program naman, once you fail 3 subjects, kick out ka agad kahit 1st sem pa lang

    1 sem ngayon (roughly 25 units) is close to 70K na daw eh.

    pretty uptight school eh?

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    nung pumasa ako (MA in politics), halos near 60,000 na. nagimbal ako sa mahal. hehe

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    worth it ba?

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    Originally posted by intensity1214
    worth it ba?

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    ang gusto ko pa sa entrance ng UA&P, considerate sila. i was supposed to take the exam at 7 am, and i woke up at 7:30 grabe, natakot ako talaga sa nangyari hehe

    i had to pay the fee so that i can take again. that's what happened. by the way, i have around 6 classmates from HS who studied there. magaling ang research sa UA&P (formerly CRC, right?)

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    not to mention magaling rin sila sa economics. they were last year's champion in the BEA. competing against teams like admu, dlsu, ust...

    kakaiba *** school na 'to. pamahal ng pamahal yung tuition every year. pati yung parking - dati daw P750 lang yung parking sticker, ngayon P2000+ na.

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    pati 'yung kape malapit sa UA&P katumbas na ng buong baon ko sa isang araw hehehe!

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