var axel = Math.random() + ''; var a = axel * 10000000000000; document.write(''); pag nag wewe ako medyo masakit ang Pines? | Health and Wellness | PinoyExchange

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  1. #1

    pag nag wewe ako medyo masakit ang Pines?

    ask me sana kasi pag nag wewe me masakit ang pines ko yung sa itaas niya medyo may naramdaman akong sakit may prob ba sa akin?

  2. #2
    I don't understand what you're saying. Please try to avoid text lingo. And what is "pines"?

  3. #3
    ***** po guy sha....and pines is know.......

  4. #4

  5. #5
    Pines? Penis?

    I think he meant there's a burning sensation when he pees.

  6. #6
    pag binasa mo naman eh pee-nez.....

  7. #7
    lol! laugh trip!

    doc, pakitulungan naman si sugar_guy baka kung ano pang mangyari sa pines niya

  8. #8
    People, quit with the "alaska" comments. I'd rather wait for sugar_guy to clarify his problem before addressing the issue. In the meantime, don't make fun of him.

  9. #9
    penis po kasi pag umihi ako medyo masakit...sorry ha ilonggo kasi ako...mga mayabang kayong mga tagalog :P

  10. #10
    baka may tulo ka tol...

  11. #11
    Have a urinalysis done and post the results here.

  12. #12
    kidney problem maybe.....

    my dad has a stone.....sabi ng doc...ganyan din.....

  13. #13
    -- ako rin may question, regarding sa pag ihi, pero girl ako ha, minsan may time na napaka strong ng smell ng urine ko,pero meron din time na wala,iyon ang normal ko talaga,na prang tubig lang,i'm just wondering kung meron ba akong nakain na nakakapag-pa strong ng smell or something,wala kasi ako matandaan,na notice ko lang ito for ,if I'm not mistaken,2 or 3 weeks,saka yung smell nya, normal lang naman na yung "mapanghi",wala naman ibang unusual na amoy,very strong nga lang,wala sya definite na oras,and then yung morning wiwi ko naman,minsan clear,minsan ganon nga,pero wala din akong nararamdaman na medyo masakit on that part, basta yun lang strong smell lang talaga.ano yung cause ng ganon?

  14. #14
    The occasional strong smell is due to insufficient hydration. Drink more liquids.

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    -- i see, siguro nga,kasi hindi rin naman ako palainom ng tubig,THANKS!.

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