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Philippine Superliga 2015

Who will be the queens of volleyball this season? Cheer for your volleyball idols in this thread.

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REVIEW: Hunger Games

Check out the review for Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2. PEx mod Hydrangea shares his views here.

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Who will rule the hard court this season? A new champion will emerge. Will it be UST or FEU?

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NOW SHOWING: A Second Chance

Ano ang paborito mong hugot line galing sa A Second Chance? Wag magpahuli sa kwentuhan.

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PROMO: In the Heart of the Sea

Join the promo and get a chance to win In the Heart of the Sea screening tickets.

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REVIEW: Victor Frankenstein

"Victor Frankenstein comes in after Halloween, but for a good reason". Check out the full movie review here!

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