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    ano bang ok i-franchise nowadays? i mean anong in-demand ngayon?

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    Talking QUICKLY

    beh! talo ang zagu! yan kasi ang yabang ninyo!

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    Kung mayroon kang pera to invest, you can be lazy and just see your business grow!

    Follow 3 simple steps to invest to success

    1st Join Wildfire & buy at least 1 co-op share.

    2nd Sign Up In MintMail

    3rd Upgrade To Member In SFI By Subscribing To FCS

    Follow these three simple step (from 1-3), give it time & you're set!

    The three companies are all linked to maximize your income potential automatically.

    more questions? [email protected]

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    I agree... mas hiindi kasi nakakasawa ang QUICKLY...

    Anyways... I would recommend the following:

    1. Internet prepaid card distribution
    - I can help you with this since my bro is into this. He's focused on INTERNET ONE... it's a new card just launched this march so malaki pa ang market... sobrang laki pa...

    2. Health and Beauty products
    - pls refer to my SUMMER SIDELINES thread. Why not come up with your own brand, market and distribute it? Malaki ang profit opportunity sa beauty products.

    For both suggestions, I can help you... just email me your questions at:

    [email protected]

    You may also post your questions in my SUMMER SIDELINES thread... I'll be chakin it regularly

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    Franchise opportunities

    What are some of the best (cheapest)franchise opportunities available now? Are they really worth investing in?
    If a franchise costs peanuts to set up...Are "peanuts" all you can expect to earn?

    Ill get the ball rolling..... NACHO KING

    total cash out year 1 . P 21,000

    total cash out year 1. P 32,000

    Mall cart Total cash out year 1 .P111,000

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    I took a look at their site. In order to become a distributor, you need to send 2X2 photo of yourself, a copy of your latest income tax return, copy of your latest bank statement and among other things.

    Those were pretty invasive don't you think? Why do they need to have a photo of me? Maybe that's just a front for a kidnapping gang. They know how much you make, they know how much you have in bank, and they know what you look like. For a small time operation like this, no thank you.

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    Maybe that's just a front for a kidnapping gang.
    What an elaborate scheme!!

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    Look at this one!! Become an oil tycoon for P500,000!!
    Seriously...A mobile gas station eh?
    Where do they import the fuel from?

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    gumacanian, you sure found a interesting oil franchise. I think.. Ill give them a email. As for me, I bought a enterpreniur magazine and it is the edition wherein the franchise are advertised. If any one wants to know a franchise of a particular industry (say resturant or even hotels), post them here and Ill try to type all the info I found on the magazine.

    EDIT: I having difficulty contacting their email. gumacanian... are you experiencing the same problem?

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    To be honest I haven`t tried to contact them. If you do get mail though plz PM me as I would like to find out more.. It doesnt look as if they deliver to underground tanks even if you purchase it from them..Perhaps this is how they manage to keep costs down.
    You must be really careful with this kind of investment and obtain references from people that have had dealings with the company.
    Still..In theory,well worth checking out.

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    I have email them and it keeps on returning. Im trying to start my own business now and Ill quite tied up. Ill try to contact them if I find the time (maybe Ill do it through phone this time). If you contacted them first, please give us some details. Mr. Private investor (according to silentmax )

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    Mr quickie!!
    No..Not for servicing the Mrs!!,,,,,,,, but your shoes..

    Looks expensive to me.. Id rather create a better shop design and call myself "The soleman" or.. "Mr quickfix"

    Would having MR QUICKIE above my shop door guarantee me more custom in a mall?

    Initial capital investments & other information
    Franchise Fee: P180,000
    Cost of Machinery: P700,000
    (includes stitcher, finishing machine, sewing machine, key duplicating machine and shoe expander)
    Cost of Tools, Initial Inventory and Pre-Operating Expenses: P60,000 to P90,000
    (depending on area of location, design of shop and mall requirements)
    Renovation Costs: P150,000 to P250,000 P150,000 to P250,000
    Rental Requirements and Costs: Mall Management- Dependent - monthly rent, security deposit, advance rental and construction bond will all depend on mall management.
    Royalty Fee: 3% of Monthly Gross
    Advertising Fee: 4% of Monthly Gross
    Space Requirement: at least 15 square meters
    Franchise Contract is renewable every 5 years.

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    Originally posted by gumacanian
    im thinkin' about this one.. keep it goin' gumacanian, helpful thread here!

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    OK..Im not sure if a gaming cafe benefits from this type of franchise..I could be wrong.

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    The best there is thehitman's Avatar
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    Can anyone get me info on the TJ hotdog cart? I've heard that there are no franchise fees, just an initial investment for the cart, equipment, training, uniforms, and initial inventory.


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    I went to the franchise expo this afternoon but couldn't find any hotdog franchisee there. Besides, do you really need to franchise a simple biz like this? All you need is a stand, electric skillet, cooler, a package of hotdogs, vegetable oil, mayo, ketchup, buns, utensils, and apron. Except for the stand, you can buy all these at SM. When you franchise this, you have to buy the hotdogs and buns from your franchiser. Even though there's no royalty fees, they'll get their money somewhere somehow.

    This is the same with any food vendors. Can you believe that the franchise fee for a fishball stand is P120,000? I can build all that for less than P20k.

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    tanong ko lang curious lang po ako magkano ang franchise ng mga KFC??

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