Looking for an accounting software that is meant to be used in Philippine market setup?

The search is no more.

We at Software Farm International Inc. (SFI) created an accounting software called ASYST (short term for Accounting System) that can help you create your business trading transactions faster and reliable.

ASYST has Six Modules:

  • Sales Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Accounts Receivable Module
  • Accounts Payable Module
  • Inventory Module
  • General Ledger Module

With these modules, surely making decisions in your business is not a problem.

ASYST Features and capabilities:
  • Multiple Locations
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Barcode Scan & Print
  • Serial and Batch Tracking
  • Assemble and Conversion Process
  • Landed Cost Computation

Reports that can be generated on ASYST:

Purchase Order Listing
Purchase / Return Listing
Voucher Listing
Quotation Listing
Sales Order Listing
Sales Invoice Listing
Collection Listing
Memo Listing
-Customer CM/DM Listing
-Supplier CM/DM Listing
-Credit Card CM/DM Listing
Post Dated Check Listing
Lost/Found/Damage/Promo Listing

Sales Reports
Suggested Order Report
Graphical Sales Report
Profitability Report
Summarized Item Sales
Detailed Item Sales
Monthly Item Sales Performance

Sales Reports
-By Item
-By Customer
-By Customer/Item
-By Agent
-By Agent/Item
-By Group
-By Group/Agent
-By Group/Customer

Accounts Receivable Reports
Customer Account Jacket
Customer Statement of Account
AR with Aging
AR Payment Report
AR Withholding Tax
Collection Schedule

Accounts Payable Reports
Supplier Account Jacket
Supplier Statement of Account
AP Payment Report
AP with Aging
AP Withholding Tax
Payment Schedule

Stock Reports
Stock Card Report
Stock Position Report
Stock Flow Report
Stock Transfer

Accounting Reports
Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Accounting Books
General Ledger
Subsidiary Ledger
Bank Reconciliation
Cash Position
Cash Balance

Bank Reports
Deposited Collection Report
Undeposited Collection Report

VAT Reports

There are 8 reasons why choose ASYST:

  1. It is locally developed
  2. It is Customizable Software
  3. It comes with training and implementation to the User
  4. Two (2) available databases to choose from that suits either SMEs or Large Corporations
  5. It can be bought per module basis, depending on your budget and your requirements.
  6. We will format the system to use your existing forms
  7. No recurring fees. A ONE TIME investment for a life time use
  8. It has an ability to export data to Excel, Word, Text Files, CSV Files

Want to know more about ASYST? You can visit our page http://www.sfi.com.ph or you may call us at +63(2) 687-0602, +63(2) 635-9831, +63(2) 631-7182, +63(2) 632-0031 or text at 0922-8775373 look for Jenny Peralta.

We existed since 1993, so for sure, we deliver high quality of service to support your business.

Looking forward to do business with you!