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    How much for a wedding in the Philippines?

    Since theres a thread here about the cost of secret marriages....Just wondering how much money are involved when getting married, thats with the whole complete entourage...dont even know what completes an entourage...curious lang ako....

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    depende sa number of guests tsaka kung saan ang venue ng kasal at reception... like kung hotel ang reception, asahan mo nang at least P1000 per head ang bayad. e kung 500 ang guest mo, e di 500K na yon.

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    well sa 25th wedding anniversary ng parent's ko, the cost sa Penninsula is already P195,000 for 150 guests.

    That should give you an idea on a reception cost range.

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    mura na ang 250 thousand pesos.

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    a simple gown by a good designer kasama yung entourage would cost atleast P100K

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    around 200k pag sa manila ka nagpakasal.

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    hindi ho ba magulang ang nagbabayad nyan for his son's wedding?

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    Originally posted by ate germs
    ang budget namin for our 2005 wedding is 300k. we're keeping it to that figure lang (sana!!!). for more info on wedding details, budget, magsubscribe kayo sa [email protected]. you'll really learn a lot kasi ang daming brides-to-be and recent brides ang tutulong sa inyo on how to save, pati mga unique ideas for ur wedding.

    How much for a 2004 wedding then? what does it include?

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    Prepare a budget of P200k for a simple wedding (no-frills invitations, no designer gowns, less than 150 guests, rent a reception hall and get a cheap caterer). Then expect to spend 50% over your budget.

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    *** bang mga las vegas type wedding sa Philippines? Yung short wedding ceremony pero syempre may class ng konti...Im not talking about the ones done in wes ba yun? bsta something like a vegas wedding thing??

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    hi! i am getting married next month and we'll be having a small, simple yet intimate wedding (50 guests), max cost is P40,000

    since me and my hubby-to-be would be paying for most of the expenses, we asked our relatives for "donations", like who is willing to shoulder the flowers, cake, etc. doing this is a big help in easing our budget.

    next, we cut down our entourage. we only have 6 sets of principal sponsors, the 3 sets of secondary sponsors, the maid of honor and bestman, plus a flower girl. no bridesmaids, groomsmen and ring/coin bearers. the rings and arrhae will be brought by the best man and maid of honor respectively. our entourage will shoulder their clothing.

    for the invites and souvenirs, divisoria + a little creativity is the way to go!

    reception would be held in a small garden resto in U.P.

    for those who wish to have a practical and small-budgeted wedding, i hope my ideas would help

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    kulang ba 50k sa simple wedding lang sa province??! ikakasal kc brother ko this august?? im just thinking kung magkano itutulong ko sa kanya??

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    sheeesh....I need wedding help too... from experienced wedding people...heheheheh

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    eh, how much would cost naman pag SM lang kayo? just wondering!

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    Originally posted by sheilaskie
    eh, how much would cost naman pag SM lang kayo? just wondering!
    balak mo noh...hehehehe dont know havent entertained the idea yet...

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    Originally posted by Concade
    kulang ba 50k sa simple wedding lang sa province??! ikakasal kc brother ko this august?? im just thinking kung magkano itutulong ko sa kanya??
    kulang yan kasi knowing the culture in provinces, imbitado ang buong bayan dyan. kahit hindi mo kakilalal, pupunta sa kainan. kaya malaki ang gastos sa province talaga. it's because of the food that you have to serve.

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    it really depends on the kind of wedding you want to have...i organized my own wedding kase and i usually help friends with theirs. there are 2 basic and reception...the church fee is usually non negotiable but with a little pr they could probably upgrade the flowers for you... with the gowns naman you could select a design probably in a magazine and buy the cloth yourself sa divisoria and patahi ka na lang. Kung close mo naman yung entourage mo they could shoulder the expense for the gown (most of the time its ok with them). You dont have to spend naman sa principal sponsors coz usually sila ang bahala sa clothes nila. For the men naman, you can just ask them to wear barongs so basically its just the girls youre gonna worry about. For the reception, it really depends e. U could have it catered or u could go for those chinese restos...they usually have a package na including bridal car, souveneirs, cake, and overnight accommodation sa hotel. or if budget is really tight, you could have the reception sa open area, like clubhouse or something and you could just borrow from a relative some chafing dishes and have a relative do all the cooking. para lang presentable. for the invites, you could go sa qp (quiapo) they have the lowest prices there and divisoria naman for the giveaways. or better yet, have relatives sponsor bits and pieces of your wedding so you wont have to worry about those stuff. If you really want all the details i have a checklist here that i may email to you. Hope i was able to help.

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    we canvassed in Divisioria.. actually.. napabilib ako don sa ibang stalls na napuntahan ko kasi...

    1. 3K lang "wow" na yung design ng gown.. sabi nung me ari.. pwede den daw patahi basta pili ka ng design.. more or less 3-7K aabutin yung wedding gown mo... then yung mga pang-abay.. 1K ok na yung design and materials nun. Tapos nakita ko yung Weddings @ Work na directory. ask ko bat sila merong ganon.. sbi nila sila din daw kasi yung gumagawa ng ibang gowns para sa mga "suppliers" don sa [email protected]. ganon ba? eh di deretso ka na lang sa kanila kesa magpa-sosy ka pa eh gawang Tutuban lang din pala yung iba don

    2. Reception ang pinakamahal sa kasal and yes it depends on the number of your guest. you also have to choose kung catered or sa hotel na lang blah-blah-blah.. Lets sayt you have 100 Max ata me 30-40K package sila...I dont know kung ilang oras nyo magagamit yung place.... sa Dusit Hotel naman...lagpas 100K..personally i don't enjoy food @ hotels.. parang yung atmosphere lang talaga yung binayaran ng mahal don tapos d naman ganon kasarap yung food.. mabuti pa hanap ka na lang ng romantic reception tapos pa-cater na lang..(lowest na nakita ko pa lang sa catering is 26K..2 Filipino main dish lang ata yun for 100 guests) better to ask yung relatives kung me gusto silang idagdag sa handa nyo

    3. Normal Church fees range from 3K - 15K

    4. Souvenirs/flowers/invitations can be donated by friends/relatives/sponsors.

    5. Photo and Video Coverage.. this is the portion wherein you have to invest.. kasi after everything is done, what's left to you are the photos and video... when I attended Wedding Fair... packages range from 36K-60K.. grabe hahahah mukhang sulit naman.. but then again.. what if you don't have the figure? errr hanap na lang ng kasing galing na photographer/service pero ok na quality pa rin.. for this. i haven't scouted yet.. yung SOSI pa lang ang mga alam ko..sana mag-suggest yung iba...

    o sya.. yan lang muna..isip pa ako..sana me idea na kayo magkano at least ang budget pag nagpakasal sa Pinas..

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