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    Smile The Beauty Pageants Thread - III

    Welcome to the 3rd Beauty Pageants Thread!

    Thanks for filling up the 2nd thread! We lived up to 227 pages.

    Let's continue discussing pageants here.

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    March 13, Saturday
    The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2004

    March 17, Wednesday
    Miss Universe Hrvatske 2004

    March 20, Saturday
    Miss Bulgaria 2004
    Miss CNMI 2004
    Miss Universe Slovenskej Republiky 2004

    March 22, Monday
    Miss Israel 2004

    March 27, Saturday
    Miss Austria 2004
    Miss Thailand Universe 2004
    Pond's Femina Miss India 2004

    March 28, Sunday
    Miss España 2004

    March 30, Tuesday
    Miss Universe Japan 2004

    April 3, Saturday
    Miss Cayman Islands 2004
    Miss Republica Dominicana 2004
    Miss Singapore Universe 2004

    April 4, Sunday
    Miss Jamaica Universe 2004

    April 10, Saturday
    Eesti Miss Estonia 2004
    Miss Brasil 2004

    April 12, Monday
    Miss Universe Ethiopia 2004
    Miss Peru Universo 2004
    Miss USA 2004

    April 17, Saturday
    Miss Ceske Republicky 2004
    Miss 2004

    April 18, Sunday
    US Virgin Islands Carnival Queen 2004

    April 19, Monday
    Star Hellas Miss Hellas 2004

    April 26, Monday
    Miss Egypt Universe 2004

    June 1, Tuesday

    June 5, Saturday
    Miss Botswana 2004

    August 1, Sunday
    Miss Ghana 2004

    August 29, Sunday
    Frøken Norge 2004

    *not yet 100% confirmed

    Stay tuned for further updates!

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    The Road to Quito The Road to Ecuador

    Yes folks, it has been officially confirmed that the Miss Universe pageant will travel to the South American continent for the 2nd time, when it broadcasts live from Quito, Ecuador on June 1.

    So far, there are already 44 confirmed delegates...

    ANGOLA Telma de Jesus Esperança Sonhi

    ARUBA Fatima Salie

    BARBADOS Cindy Shenetta Batson

    BELGIUM Ellen Petri
    Miss World 2004 contestant

    BELIZE Leilah Pandy
    Miss MesoAmerica Internacional 2003 2nd RU
    Reina Costa Maya Internacional 2003 winner

    BOLIVIA Gabriela Oviedo Serrate
    Reina Sudamericana 2003 semi-finalist
    Miss Atlantico Internacional 2004 contestant

    CANADA Venessa Fisher

    COLOMBIA Catherine Daza Manchola

    COSTA RICA Nancy Soto Martinez
    Miss Teen International 1999 semi-finalist

    CURACAO Angeline Da Silva Gois
    Miss World 2003 contestant

    CYPRUS Nayia Iacovidou

    CZECH REPUBLIC Lucie Vachova
    Miss World 2003 contestant

    ECUADOR Maria Susana Rivadeneira Simball

    EL SALVADOR Silvia Gabriela Mejia Cordoba

    FINLAND Mira Salo

    FRANCE Laetitia Bleger
    Miss Europe 2004 contestant

    GERMANY Shermine Shariver

    GUYANA Odessa Abenaa Phillips
    Miss World 2002 contestant

    HONDURAS Karla Isabel Mendoza Kipps
    Miss Earth 2004 contestant
    Piel Dorada 2004

    HUNGARY Blanka Bakos

    ICELAND Ragnhildur Steinunn Jónsdóttir
    Miss Europe 2003 contestant
    Miss Skandinavia 2004 contestant

    ITALY Laia Manetti

    KENYA Anitah Maina

    KOREA Choi Yoon-Young

    LEBANON Marie-Jose Hnein
    Miss World 2003 semi-finalist

    MAURITIUS Sabine Bourdet
    Miss World 2004 contestant

    MEXICO Rosalva Yasmin Luna Ruiz

    NAMIBIA Petrina Twahangwapo Thomas
    Miss World 2003 contestant

    NICARAGUA Marifely Arguello Cesar

    NORWAY Kathrine Sørland
    Miss World 2002 3rd RU

    PANAMA Jessica Patricia Rodriguez Clark

    PARAGUAY Yanina Gonzalez

    PHILIPPINES Maricar Manalaysay Balagtas
    Miss Globe International 2001 winner

    POLAND Paulina Panek

    PUERTO RICO Alba Giselle Reyes Santos

    RUSSIA Viktoria Lopiyreva
    Miss Europe 2004 contestant

    ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES Laferne Fraser
    Miss Carival 2002

    SERBIA & MONTENEGRO Dragana Dujovic

    SOUTH AFRICA Joan Ramagoshi
    Miss World 2004 contestant

    SWEDEN Sophia Hedmark
    Miss World 2002 contestant

    SWITZERLAND Bianca Nicole Sissing
    Miss World 2003 semi-finalist

    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Danielle Jones

    VENEZUELA Ana Karina Añez Delgado

    VIETNAM Nguyen Thi Hong Van

    *not yet 100% confirmed

    Stay tuned for more updates!

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    The Road to Quito The Road to Miss Universe 2004

    Let's group the 44 delegates...

    ARUBA Fatima Salie
    BARBADOS Cindy Batson
    CURACAO Angeline Da Silva
    PUERTO RICO Alba Reyes
    ST. VINCENT & GRENADINES Laferne Fraser
    TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Danielle Jones

    BOLIVIA Gabriela Oviedo
    COLOMBIA Catherine Daza
    ECUADOR Susana Rivadeneira
    GUYANA Odessa Phillips
    PARAGUAY Yanina Gonzalez
    VENEZUELA Ana Karina Añez

    BELIZE Leilah Pandy
    CANADA Venessa Fisher
    COSTA RICA Nancy Soto
    EL SALVADOR Silvia Mejia
    HONDURAS Karla Mendoza
    MEXICO Rosalva Luna
    NICARAGUA Marifely Arguello
    PANAMA Jessica Rodriguez

    BELGIUM Ellen Petri
    CZECH REPUBLIC Lucie Vachova
    FINLAND Mira Salo
    FRANCE Laetitia Bleger
    GERMANY Shermine Sharivar
    HUNGARY Blanka Bakos
    ICELAND Ragnhildur Jonsdottir
    NORWAY Kathrine Sorland
    POLAND Paulina Panek
    RUSSIA Viktoria Lopyreva
    SERBIA & MONTENEGRO Dragana Dujovic
    SWEDEN Sophia Hedmark
    SWITZERLAND Bianca Sissing

    CYPRUS Nayia Iacovidou
    ITALY Laia Manetti
    LEBANON Marie-Jose Hnein

    KOREA Choi Yoon-Young
    PHILIPPINES Maricar Balagtas
    VIETNAM Nguyen Thi Hong Van

    ANGOLA Telma Sonhi
    KENYA Anita Mainah
    MAURITIUS Sabine Bourdet
    NAMIBIA Petrina Thomas
    SOUTH AFRICA Joan Ramagoshi

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    The Road to Sanya The Road to China

    Yes folks, it has been officially confirmed that the Miss World pageant will travel to Asia for the 2nd consecutive time, when it broadcasts live from Hainan Island, China in December.

    So far, there are already 16 delegates...

    ALGERIA Djamila Belharaya
    ANGOLA Silvia Anair
    BELARUS Elina Lipteyjjo
    BELIGUM Ellen Petri (Miss Universe 2004 contestant)
    COSTA RICA Shirley Calvo
    ECUADOR Cristina Reyes
    GERMANY Claudia Hein
    JAPAN Ninako Goto
    MAURITIUS Sabine Bourdet (Miss Universe 2004 contestant)
    MEXICO Yessica Ramírez Meza
    MOLDOVA Marina Kivaciuk
    NICARAGUA Anielka Maria Sanchez Castillo
    PANAMA Melissa del Carmen Piedrahita Melendez
    PHILIPPINES Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista
    SOUTH AFRICA Joan Ramagoshi (Miss Universe 2004 contestant)
    UKRAINE Lesja Matveeva

    Stay tuned for more updates!

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    Pond's Femina Miss India 2004 is set for March 27, Saturday.

    Winners represent India in Miss Universe 2004, Miss World 2004 and Miss Earth 2004.

    Some stunners competing this year...

    Jyoti Brahmin, 23, 5'7"

    Sunaina Gulia, 23, 5'7"

    Simran Chandok, 20, 5'9"

    I can't pick just one. All of them are my bets to go to Miss Universe 2004!

    To pick your favorites:

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    Smile The Road to Quito

    Miss Universe Hrvatske 2004 is set for March 17, Wednesday in Opatija.

    Winner represents Croatia in Miss Universe 2004.

    Some stunners competing this year...

    Dijana Kantarevic, 19

    Marijana Rupcic, 18

    Lana Tisma, 21

    Dalila Nemcic, 19

    To pick your favorites:

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    Wow!!! New Thread...

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    CyberShiva: we have a new policy. we're gonna create new threads every 200 pages.

    thanks for being a regular here.

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    The last stunner Paraguay sent to Miss Universe.

    Pamela Zarza during Miss Universe '92. She also won the National Costume Award for this.

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    Latest shot of Miss Universe Amelia Vega.

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    The Road to Quito

    Recent shots of the Miss Israel 2004 candidates.

    Coronation is on March 22, Monday in Tel Aviv.

    Winner represents Israel in Miss Universe 2004.

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    The Road to Quito

    Stunners competing in Miss Israel 2004.

    Winner goes to Miss Universe 2004.

    Keren Fridman, 20, 6'0"

    Viki Mekianis, 17, 5'10"

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    The Road to Quito

    Another beauty...

    Lilach Hanig, 18, 5'7"

    Helen Masala, 19, 5'8"

    To pick your faves:,7340,L-2571,00.html

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    Shots of Miss Universe Amelia Vega.

    There she is on top in a genuine Versace.

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    Especially to Jensie_G and Lara_D.

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    shnicky: thanks for droppin' by!

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    the comeback kid
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    Hey there JENSIE_G, my friend. Congrats on the 3rd Pageant Page! More pages to come, especially since MU is just around the corner.

    Wish list:
    1. I wish Maricar will project a more natural image. She has a high tendency to become 'pageant patty.'
    2. I wish Maan would develop better comm skills. She has a good chance in MI.
    3. I wish that Karla continues what Mafae has set for us.

    'Nuff said.
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    shnicky: just keep on posting

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