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  1. #1

    Buhay Pinoy sa dekada 90

    borrowed from the idea of vh1's "i love the 70's/80's". here is the thread that flashes back the highlights in the phil. during the 90's.

  2. #2
    erap plunder case
    larong pinoy - patintero, tumbang preso, luksong tinik
    brick game
    puto seko
    brown outs
    bagyong rosing
    ozone tragedy
    centennial - 1998

  3. #3
    Nauso ang METAL at HIPHOP

  4. #4
    Slightly Green Minded
    Join Date
    Jan 2002
    Dunno! I'm Lost
    The Larong Pinoy matagal na yan hindi 90s......

    The Brownouts wayback the early years ni cory sa Malacanan....

  5. #5
    hip hop shorts - yung ibat ibang kulay
    rosanna roces

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    please repeat the question bleargh's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2001
    Malcolm Hall
    in no particular order:

    Ang TV
    EDSA 2 & 3

    marami pa e. pero wala akong maalala ngayon

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    Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich Sta|ker's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2001
    South of North
    The Age of Counter-Strike and other network gaming...
    Magic the Gathering
    Teledrama wars...
    Boys II Men goes to the Philippines
    MtV Vj Donita
    Nokia sales boomed here.. The age of the 5110-7110
    Claire Danes spoke about the Philippines
    2pesos per text in Globe
    Mr. Bean was on TV
    When UST, La Salle were champs
    R&B was a hit
    Pope John Paul II visit

  8. #8
    butterfly clips
    wrap around shades

  9. #9
    do i make you horny, baby? cuch's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2002
    clutch city
    universal motion dancers-the butterfly,sayaw ng always
    nauso ang fx
    luisito espinosa
    1991 baguio earthquake
    nauso magpakalbo
    cycling shorts,black socks and black shoes sa basketball
    nagchampion uli ang ginebra(gordon's chris king ang import)
    nauso magpatato
    free text
    manilyn reynes-star of the new decade-early 90's
    pinoy rock,alternative bands-eheads,river maya,introvoys,afterimage,the youth,true faith etc.
    michael jackson concert
    nauso ktv,videoke
    cebu pacific,air philippines,grand air(na lugi)
    closing of operations ng pal,na resume uli after magmakaawa si erap kay lucio tan
    mga junket ni fvr abroad. tabako ni fvr,patalon talon sa stage ni fvr,
    philippines 2000
    joe de venecia
    flor contemplacion

  10. #10
    ms. saigon
    millenium bug (99)
    4 non blondes hehe
    pamorningan! pinoy woodstock (forgot the year)
    hungry young poets (now barbie's cradle)
    enchanted kingdom
    metallica concert
    pearl jam concert
    brick game?
    dance revo

    dami pa di ko maalala

  11. #11
    sui generis
    Join Date
    Jun 2002
    Grand Canyon State
    Giordano "frog trademark" collared sportshirts
    shorts or jeans with "braided" leather belts
    Guess jeans
    bulldog shoes
    first time iced tea became popular
    Microsoft Word
    Trapper Keeper binders
    dozens of gold charm bracelets on one arm
    dark matte lipstick (mostly Revlon)
    ribbed shirts (late 90s)

  12. #12
    gary v major impact
    francis m's mga kababayan
    masta plan
    andrew e vs michael v
    doc marten
    ratm concert
    moonpools & caterpillars concert
    the maneuvres' uriel left for US
    the teeth laklak
    hooded tshirt
    vizconde massacre? hubert webb, sanchez,
    ms universe - ms india nyi i porgot her name...nasa dulo ng dila ko
    ruffa-nanette-gabby (famas scam, famas ba?)
    losing my religion, nirvana, smashing pumpkins, pavement, cranberries
    frente concert

  13. #13
    ballroom dancing
    dayanara torres
    usong sayaw - running man, butterfly dance (UMD hehe) wrexx n effect - rump shaker
    tropang trumpo, bubblegum
    alanis ironic
    jacket baligtaran
    milagro sa manaoag?
    rene requiestas

  14. #14
    ccccccc( .).)
    Join Date
    Aug 2001
    band breakout...sobrang sumulpot sila like mushrooms
    lahat ata ng friends kong lalaki nag-aral maggitara!

    neon colored things

  15. #15
    Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich Sta|ker's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2001
    South of North
    cargo pants
    skyway plans
    apec meeting in subic
    tropang trumpo - battle of the brainless
    takeshis castle
    guns 'n roses - axl rose dies
    agoo and the dancing sun
    rosana roces hit the scene with a series of x-rated films
    the porn wars
    wolfgang vs razorback, rivermaya vs eraserheads rivalry
    wwf in abc 5
    transformers and gi joe was stil a hit cartoon
    Let's DOH it by Juan Flavier
    Yosi Kadiri Ads
    Film Fest Scandals
    Head Banging
    Onyok wins Silver in the Olympics
    Windows 3.1 to 98
    DOS Games
    Command and Conquer
    USA concieved the Dream Team in the Barcelona Olympics - Composing of Jordan, Bird, Johnson, Stocton, Malone, Olajuwon, Thomas and etc.
    When Alabang Town Center was called Alabang Twin Cinemas
    When Glorieta was the most popular place to Hangout and it was called Quad Cinemas

  16. #16
    Edsa DOS at TREs 00 na nangyari yun eh...

    Mga sikat nung Early 90's
    kakanta na lang ako

    Mga kababayan ko dapat na malaman nyo bilib ako sa kulay ko ako ay PILIPINO...

    Cold Summer nights since we drifted apart Cold summer nights since you walked out the door..

    Humanap ka ng Panget ibigin mong tunay.....

    Andrew Ford Medinaaaa....

    Binibini ROcha binibini Rocha.......

    Cant touch this.... tum tum tuturum.....

    Ice Ice baby too cold too cold!

    si luningning.........

    tap the bottle up twist the cap...

    how gee.... torot-toroot

    all i wanna do is zoom zoom in a boom boom

    Mid 90's

    Yung mga banda na.... eheads,rivermaya,wolfgang, etc...

    Late 90's

    Trance Music na.......

    sobrang haba kapag itutuloy ko pa hehehehe

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    do i make you horny, baby? cuch's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2002
    clutch city
    eat all you can ng pizza hut (bakit wala na ngayon?)
    club dredd,mayrics,arts venue,music hall,artist dais
    san linggo nAPO sila vs eat bulaga
    4peat ng ust,5peat ng san sebastian
    chicken! (expresion pauso ng tropang trumpo)
    over!(expresion pauso ni giselle sanchez/ruby rodriguez)
    ano ba yan! ( pauso ni vic sotto)
    rambulaga- graciaaaaaa! manila girl
    o-ha, ako pa!(pauso ni jimmy santos)
    giraffe,zu,fat willys-ledge dancing
    long hair na song by weedd
    shalalalala, shalala in the morning
    punk/metal vs hiphop
    pugad baboy komiks
    pearl shakes
    honda civic
    nauso aircon bus sa edsa
    start ng daily traffic sa edsa

  18. #18
    yung patalastas ng sprite mag pakatotoo ka 90s yun right??

  19. #19
    please repeat the question bleargh's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2001
    Malcolm Hall
    may naalala pa ko!

    Backstreet Boys (at ang pagsulpotan ng mga boyband)
    Spice Girls
    Macarena (90's nga ba 'to?)

    I'll be back...

  20. #20
    warning #2 from Ada
    Join Date
    Apr 2001
    Kris Aquino's MASSACRE movies ni Carlo J. Caparas
    MACARENA, shalala etc etc
    UST-Lasalle dominated the UAAP
    World Youth Day (95)
    Millenium **** and the Centennial ****
    BAND BREAKOUT! When Pinoy Rock bands dominated the music scene (literally)
    Regine Velasquez
    1997 (or 1996) was the year when music Piracy started by word of mouth and eventually evolved
    1997-98 Free Text!!!
    Nokia 5110
    Studebakers, Hard Rock, Timog was the In gimikan in the mid 90s. Makati and Malate in the late 90's
    Ang TV
    TVJ sa Channel 13 with Vic Sotto as Ernie Barong (ang barong na may hati sa likod) early 90s
    Agoo Miracle
    late 90s started the whole Fil-Am thing sa PBA
    MIRC and ICQ
    the internet
    ABS-CBN vs GMA rivalry started

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