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    Exclamation GYM within STA.MESA, MANILA

    help! do you know a gym within Sta. Mesa area? i desperately need to lose some weight


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    Dunno! I'm Lost
    malapit sa SM ilalim ng LRT station

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    just across SM centerpoint .. ka building sya ng Isetann wholesaler store ..

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    Dunno! I'm Lost
    sa may pilahan ng tricycle

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    tnx peeps!

    i checked out the Mariner's Gym but it's kinda expensive!

    btw, do u know other gym within the area?

    tnx again!

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    Dunno! I'm Lost
    Sa may gilid ng Banco de Oro (SM centerpoint) may street doon tanong mo na lang sa mga taga doon kung saan yung Gym doon with taebo..

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    UP! UP! UP!

    May gym daw sa tabi ng Mezza Residence? Not inside Mezza pero sa likod daw? can anyone confirm? thanks!

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    Will you consider travelling to the Shaw area since its not that far from Sta Mesa?? Eclipse Shaw is about 1 ride away
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    I used to go to Mariners' 3-4 years ago. Not the most knowledgeable staff/trainers, but the facilities are very good for what you pay for. They even have (2) power cages and that's much more than I can say for Fitness First.

    Your problem: you say Mariners' is already too expensive for you, so you might want to try one this hole in the wall gym next to Puregold (I forget what the name is), it's the size of a Jollibee take-out counter (srs). I don't mean that as a bad thing; you're likely going to get better results there than signing up at FF and gulping "free" iced tea in-between your "intense" 10-minute dance classes. Just stay away from the bouncer types talking fellow members into getting steroid shots indiscriminately.

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    ^ free iced tea after an intense dance class?? what the hell is that?? you just replenished all those weight and fat that you burned !!!!

    Waste of freakin damn time !!!!!

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    @boybato can you give details where exactly is the gym? name of the gym, price, equipments etc? dumaan ako nung isang araw parang *** akong nakita )

    @blake mejo mahirap magtravel papunta dun e lalo na pag rush hour. chaka pag malayo *** gym prang nawawalan ako ng motivation )

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    ^san ka ba sa sta. mesa, I'm not familiar with the gym near mezza. Nabanggit lang sa akin ng mga kakilala ko na nag-enrol sila dun. I'll try to ask them the details.

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    along pureza may lumang bldg ng NSO..meron din po isa pa malapit v. mapa..muscle and control ..basta kung manggagaling ka ng sm centerpoint papuntang recto madadaanan mo parehas yan...left side..if you want you can check

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    ^ Yeah, lifetime member ako sa muscle in control. I just can't stand the attitude of people there napakayayabang. While the gym in pureza has no squat rack smith machine lang.

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    ah ok.. meron dati malapit sta.mesa along g. tuazon lang.. yung the kings gym.. dun ako naggym..ok dun equipments pati na rin yung evironment. professional ang mga nagwworkout pati na rin yung my-ari..sayang lang sarado na.. pero meron pa isa malapit dun yung mighty mark muscle gym..along samar st. bago at magaganda din equipments

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    Quote Originally Posted by GAP2010 View Post
    UP! UP! UP!

    May gym daw sa tabi ng Mezza Residence? Not inside Mezza pero sa likod daw? can anyone confirm? thanks!
    parang wala akong nakikitang gym sa likod ng mezza, bago po ba to sir?

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    RED Katt gym - N. Domingo cor Pinaglabanan San Juan, which i think is quite near Sta Mesa, is ok. It has a wide variety of free weights and machines. If my memory serves me right monthly is 700 bucks for members and 800(?) for those who are not. Problem is that they dont have experienced trainers who can even check your form and who can give you a proper program.

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    Up din... gusto ko rin sana maggym sa sta.mesa area 'cause i live there... gusto ko yung madaming friendly hunk and papables para nakakainspire din hehe
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    dami dami gym sa sta mesa...meron dun *** sa tapat *** LRT ...

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