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    Post dreams: totoo ba na kapag nanaginip ng nalagas ang ngipin may mamatay??

    totoo ba na kapag nananaginip na nalagas ang ngipin may mamamatay?? nangyari na ba sa inyo ito? paano ang gagawin kapag ganon? paano makokontra para d matuloy. thanks for the help.

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    Professional Dimwit bronze_freak's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Urban Legend lang ata ito. I had dreams of my teeth falling down, pero wala naman namamatay sa mga kakilala ko. Sabi nila, pag nagkaroon ka raw ng ganitong dream, bite something made of wood. Stupid as it may seem pero who knows right?

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    I had a dream once, I lost my front teeth daw like this!! -->

    Wala naman nangyari. O baka di ko nalang maalala.

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    Sunny talks!
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    Oct 2002
    Nanay Ignacia S
    My darlene6879, pa-brace ka na lang kaya para kahit sa panaginip safe ang ngipin mo.hehehe

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    madalas ko mapaniginipan yan... I hope urban legend lang nga yan...

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    resigned from sykes
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    Jul 2003
    city of pines

    you decide...

    when i was little, i dreamt one of my teeth is loose...i am not not if it fell off....kasi nagising nako. a few weeks later, my paternal grandma fell sick and later died.

    later, napag-usapan namin sa bahay about dreams and i sinabi ko nga na napanaginipan ko ganun. i didn't know its implications. sabi sakin nung yaya ng sis ko, i should have said something and that i should have bitten a piece of live wood and that i shouldn't talk about it. mom says naman it's better to tell, para handa na. dunno.

    later, when i was a little older, dreamt one of my teeth fell out. my maternal grandma passed away soon after.

    just more than a year ago, had a similar dream. i thought nothing of it since wala naman akong nabalita. a few months later, my great-aunt passed away.

    coincidence? i dnt know. dreams can be prophetic in nature. remember joseph being given by God the wisdom to explain meanings of dreams.

    but minsan naman, over-eating lang. hehehe

    some dreams mean something. some perhaps doesn't.

    explanation kung bakit live wood or living tree: para dun daw lumipat yung bad omen. but i never went through it. so, i dnt know. i still tend to be a bit critical about this topic. madali kasing ma-misinterpret. repercussions ng isang dream doesn't necessarily mean that it will happen immediately. sometimes, it could takes weeks or months, kaya minsan, nakaka-doubt.

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    Just in case, kinakagat ko na rin. Mongol pencils are quite effective!

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    I don't think it's true.

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    my sister (she's in the US) who attended a seminar about dreams once told me na kapag nananaginip daw ang isang tao na nalalagas ang ngipin nya that means na merong major change na mangyayari sa buhay nya. pwedeng sa career, family, social life etc. yung may mamamatay daw - that means na may change nga sa buhay mo di ba?

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    resigned from sykes
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    Jul 2003
    city of pines
    about the deaths, sabi rin pala, sometimes it's jst news of a death. not necessarily someone close to you. they said that the closer to your front tooth yung nalaglag, the closer to you family daw.

    but i've also read a dream dictionary, tama rin sabi si bacnadoods.

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    Originally posted by SunnySideUp
    My darlene6879, pa-brace ka na lang kaya para kahit sa panaginip safe ang ngipin mo.hehehe

    my dearest SunnySideUp hindi ko na po kailangan magpa braces kasi i have a complete set of even teeth.


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