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    Lightbulb do u know kung anong gamit ng mga artista na pampaputi at pangkinis ng balat at kili?

    im just curious coz they really have such flawless skin. i remembered one of my classmate told me that they have some kind of medicine to take for them to have nice skin and white underarm. i don't know if its the truth. if it is who do you think among our actors and actresses using it. post naman kayo oh

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    you can try glutathione. (i'm not so sure about the spelling though) basta it's in GNC. it has the same ingredient dun sa whitening pills ni dr. mendez and vicky belo. it's what my make-up artist-friend told me. ginagamit daw ng mga artista for flawless glowing skin. but you have to take it forever. pag nag-stop ka baka ma-disaster.

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    sui generis
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    There's a long thread about glutathione/atomolan/tathione at the travel and lifestyle forum.

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    so talagang totoo yong sinabi ng friend ko na they (celebrities) really take pills for having such flawless skin. do you think all of them or just some?

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    ok ka ba tiyan? yakult's Avatar
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    not all of them.

    joyce jimenez has really bad looking armpits.

    she (and her manager shirley kwan) knows this pero she doesn't take any pills to fix the problem.

    Kaya pag may shoot siya, she tells the photographer to fix it (digitally) na lang after the shoot.

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    Unhappy REALLY?

    i can't believe that joyce has black underarm. anyway, i heard alma concepcion also. actually lolit solis if i'm no mistaken said that on televion show (star talk). to think alma was a binibining pilipinas winner right?

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    are those pills available here in usa or just in pinas?

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    My gift from above.. grammy's Avatar
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    madami dito sa pinas...iba-ibang brand name....vanity concept is one of those who sell these whitening pills..tsaka iba pang whitening product... you can look at atomolan/glutathione thread...andun yng contact number ni kristine of vanity concept...or you can visit their site...

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    Arrow Re: REALLY?

    Originally posted by carlotamcafee
    i can't believe that joyce has black underarm.
    it's true, she'd admit to it naman eh, she is after all, human, kaya ok lang magka-flaw.

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    what are the prices like the atomolan 704 and underarm peeling kit? and how long we should take/use it?

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    anata ga ski desu
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    u can use nivea whitening deodorant. nakakaputi talaga siya.

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    no regrets.. tsokolat's Avatar
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    u can use nivea whitening deodorant. nakakaputi talaga siya.

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    Vicky Belo sells glutathione for 4500 expensive! meron naman cheaper alternative twinlab sa health express. but they also sell japan brands pero discreetly. tanong kayo sa mga assistant nila.

    carlotta, try underarm peeling kit of vanity concepts, its worth a buck! dont miss the driwhite yung ang importante...

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    thanks kikay78, i aprreciate it.

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    you can try the age old remedy of rubbing calamnsi sa armpits mo

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