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    Our janitor in the office has a big love with our Accounting director.
    When he was cleaning near her room i hear him singing ETERNAL FLAME
    Singing like this: Close your eyes (give me your hand)open your legs IDOL(IDOL is what he call her can you feel my hearts (Beating) baking do you understand do you feel (desame)insane.em i only bleeding.!!! I don't now if she was been heared because he is singing gracefully like a man inlove hehehehe.

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    Ito po sinadya... to the tune of Ironic by Alannis

    Its like CRAVIN for a WEDDING CAKE
    Its a free RICE when you already paid
    Its a good on ICE but you just cant BAKE
    And who would have CAUGHT this BEAVER


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    Binubuhay lang this thread

    Memories by One OK Rock

    "Don't wanna be your husband..."

    But the right words are actually, "don't wanna be a has been..."

    I feel like how I heard is more appropriate.

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    From The Morning Rush Top Ten (Chico and Delamar), as heard on RX 93.1

    J Lo: Jenny From the Block
    "Don't be fooled by the rocks talaga/ I'm still I'm still Jenny from the block/ Used to have a little now nawawala".

    Alanis: You Oughta Know
    "And I'm here to remind you/ Of the cross eyed bear that you gave to me"

    Roxette: It Must Have Been Love
    "Masakit love, but it's over now"

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    Cool Kids by Echosmith

    I wish that I could be like the cookies,
    'Cause all the cookies, they seem to fit in.
    I wish that I could be like the cookies, like the cookies.

    actually... it's not misheard, i do it on purpose. i just love singing it with "cookies" instead of "cool kids". try it!


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    Nine years ago, the best friend of the brother of my highschool classmate made this video. It's deliberately misheard lyrics from Lips of an Angel by Hinder.

    He re-titled it Lips of an Agent. Agent as in Agent J from Men in Black.

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    Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots

    Misheard: Time to take her home, her busy head is contemplating.
    Correct: Time to take her home, her dizzy head is conscience laden.

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    this is the part when i say i don't want ya
    i'm stronger than i've been before
    this is the part when... i brain freeze..

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    Wrong lyrics: Now scrub that fremme nepa venette, c'mon
    Correct lyrics: ti esrever dna ti pilf ,nwod gniht ym tup I

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    Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
    (Tummy why? Ain't nothin' but a fart, hey!)

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    He giving me that good sh!t. That make me nut quick.

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    Misheard to mislead

    Quote Originally Posted by jeck32 View Post
    Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
    (Tummy why? Ain't nothin' but a fart, hey!)
    Some are really funny. I must cahnge the title of this song from Misheard to "Mislead"

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    edi sa puso mo :")
    Nung bata ako akala ko "S2pid! Love SOPAS an easy chair" HHAHAHAH

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    All of Me,

    My head's under water,
    but I'm breathing FIRE

    hahaha ang lakas maka-dragon T.T

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    Follow niyo po SNEAKERBARENGLAND on instagram and facebook. Legit kicks from England to PH!

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