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    Post Lifestyles - Intra Supplement PYRAMID SCAM

    Im sure you have all heard of Intra - that herbal supplement yuppies and middle execs have peddled around and cost Shell employees to quit their jobs.

    According to the Consumer Act, a pyramid scheme attracts individuals to invest a large initial amount for the purposes of RECRUITING OTHERS sa as to gain gifts or some monetary compensation in return. In Lifestyles, they REQUIRE you to invest P77,000 (9+1) or P29,000 for you to attain direct distributor status.

    Intra (the flagship product) claims to have all these therapeutic benefits but are they following SEC regulations? Yes, they may claim it's no Ponzi scheme cause of retail, but several firms have used excellent products for retail to cover up their schemes. Isn't it illegal to collect RECRUITMENT COMMISSION of P3,000 to P10,000 each from neophyte distributors?

    Lifestyles says MLM is the wave of the future. Yeah right. So much for the internet and home delivery. Do you believe Intra is a long-running suave Ponzi scheme?


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    Intra Food Supplement is not a scam, it is present in over 30 countries and in operation for 20 years now. There are people worldwide who became millionaires and they are growing. In the Philippines, you can look at this website which features some of those who have benefited from this business (there are thousands who wants to be featured). You can also visit the headquarter's website . Lifestyles originated from Canada and it is strict in compliance with the Philippine Laws.

    Lifestyles is not claiming that you can earn by mere registration and be the first one to be.. What we are claiming is the level of your work compensates the level of your income like any other regular business. Lifestyles is giving an avenue to earn and there's a proven success system that you can just follow whatever is your educational attainment. As a summary, you WORK within the success system.

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    Lightbulb Enlighten

    Lifestyles is a legit company Been tested and proven. It changed our life in a very positive manner! Believe first and you will see.

    What are PYRAMID structured organization?
    1. Government
    2. School
    3. Employment
    4. Household
    5. Many more..


    Popular Universities are starting to offer MLM courses worldwide.

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    yes it is a SCAM! MLM has two faces the good mlm and the bad mlm...good mlm is selling and earning money through the sales that and no high registration fees! the bad side of mlm is selling a product in a high price but can give a discount unless becoming a member bad mlm earns money through the number of people signing up not because of the actual sales...cause the only way u can get the product at a discounted price is to become a member and pay high registration where did my disxount go i paid for??? one more its a scam trick cause the moment i sign up my recruiter gets Intra bacame a tool for me to earn fast money..that a SCAM! thats unlawful gain in short FRAUD FRAUD super close with GREED! scary huh? talk about MORTAL SIN?at first u are a victim of fraud after u sign up and use the same scam strategy u bacame a master of fraud cause all ur downline will do the same u have spread GREED...and u recruited ur families,friends etc now u just took them for a ride to hell! WHAT AN OPPURTUNITY IT IS VERY HOT IN FOR MY FUTRE..did u know the original formula maker of INTRA Dr.Albert Leung disconnected his name with product? bacause of the BAD MLM strategy!

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    eveluate ur MLMif its bad mlm or good mlm here:
    ....its a group of researchers following and protecting the public against MLM for 15yrs.

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    klaaaa, pag ang tatay mo ba malapit ng mamatay sa cancer at tinangihan na ng hospital pero alam mo na sa INTRA supplement gagaling ipagdadamot mo ba yan sa tatay mo dahil nasa MLM business ang produkto?
    Kung ang nanay mo nag da dialysis at tinaningan na ng doctor, pero sa INTRA pala possible syang gumaling ipagdadamot mo ba dahil ang INTRA ay MLM business?
    Kung ang anak mo ba ay may lupus ipagdadamot mo ba ang INTRA dahil na linya sa MLM business?
    Pano na lang kung ikaw pala ang me cancer?

    Bakit ang McDonalds, Jolibee at marami pang franchising company di SCAM, samantala ang iisa lang ang yumayaman? Hindi kaya kakitiran yun ng pag iisip? Change is the only constant in this world.

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