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    Cool tawagan ng magbestfriends

    anong tawagan nyong magbestfriend?

    ex ko kasi bestfriend ko and i find it awkward tawagin sya ng name nya... kasi i was used to calling him sweety or honey...

    now i call him mokong or pangit! tawag nya sken makang (sagwa!) hehehehe but its kinda cute!

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    Busy But Bored
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    Sometimes I call them dweeb or dorky. Hehe!

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    life's a b*tch den u die
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    Sep 2002


    i call mine..panget minsan bibi..biatch

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    i call my closest 3 guy friends..beastfriend, bestbud/buddy and bestprend respectively.

    my girl bestfriend..b i ya tch or hon. heheheh.
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    Parang mag-sweetheart ba, may tawagan pa?

    I call my friends by their names.
    Or sometimes I use "bro" or "sis" or "dear" or "madam".

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    ... 'pag nangungulit i call her... "panget"
    ... 'pag pa-sweet... "bessy"
    ... 'pag nang-aasar... "sweetie" *tawag sa kanya ng ex nya!*

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    when im referring to them as third persons, i say "bessy" or "bessies"

    if personally im talkin to them, it's "mawe" (babytalk na mare) and "loogy" (special nick for my other bessy)

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    hmm... pogi ba talaga? jaypogi's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    San Diego, CA


    we call her "bakla"

    but i call her by her name...
    Tomboy kasi siya....talo pa nga ako nun.... may gf siya, ako wala....mas maporma pa sa akin... pero mas marami chicks ko syempre... doon nga kami nagtatalunan eh...sa mga chicks..

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    Resident Feline
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    Dear, Sweetie, Honey

    (Parang sa FRIENDS)

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    Hmm...got lots of nicks for my good friends.

    My best girl friend and I call each other *itch or hoe...depends on who uses what first.

    My best guy friend calls me gorgeous and I call him panget

    I call my good friends either sweetie or honey, regardless if boy or girl, unless they've got gfs/bfs already so I just stick with "dude".

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    I call her K and she calls me Mel though I don't want her to.
    Nothing unique...

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    Banned by Admin
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    Oct 2001


    I call them, amigos and amigas

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    At***ude Problem
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    Jan 2000


    I call her Habibi (my darling in her language), and when she's annoying me I call her by her name

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    y0u'Re bEneATh mE
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    Mar 2002


    i used to call my ex-besty sis..i also used to have this really close girl fwend of myn..i used to call her biatch..now,my besty is my guy..so i call him boo..hehe..terms of endearment nmn un eh..

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    karamay's... kse kaiyakan ko sila...

    ate's... kse technically ate ko nga sila, they guide me... like what an ate does...

    snobmate... hmmm.... snob kse e! hehehe.... SNOOOOOB!

    tas i have these two friends, sila magbestfriend... they call each other "si bestfriend.." la lang...

    traumatized na ako sa bestfriend e... owel...

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    tawagan namin Babhz...parang baby...minsan, nahihiya ako dun sa mga kalaro niya ng counter kaya name nalang niya tawag ko...

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    sis, bakla, bading

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    on my girl best bud: dear or (her name)kins for example, angeliKINS (see the kins connected to her name but that's just an example; it isn't her real name)

    on my guy best bud: kahit ano! pare-pareho lang naman tawag ko sa mga kabarakada kong lalake eh (dude, tsong, pare)

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    The best there is thehitman's Avatar
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    I call her Ma.

    She calls me Be.


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