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    aristocart - a kariton of food in UP
    bahay hepa - sa UP din
    bread pitt - a bakery somewhere
    candy rogers, kina roger's - carinderias
    chicago balls - tindahan ng fish, squid,at shrimp balls
    food ng ina mo - carinderia
    food ng ina mo rin - it's annex
    tapsiturbi - tapa sinangag turon bibingka

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    haha...meron din akong alam...
    tom cruz grill- uhmm..along.. i dunno the street pero basta lagi ko nadadaan pauwi from lasalle...
    starback sumthin- same street din..

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    Aug 1999
    Manila, Philipp
    "Galit Galit Muna"- I saw this eatery nr Malacanang.

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    curl up and dye
    it's a parlor...aliw yung name

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    Carinderia's name: "Cooking ng Ina Mo"

    Another carinderia's name, in front of that carinderia: "Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin"

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    An extensive research on this topic was done by a PDI reporter a few months ago... I think the resulting article in the Inquirer listed at least 20 stores with funny-sounding names....

    The ones i can still remember are:
    Caintacky Fried Chicken- in Cainta, Rizal
    Alibaka- a restaurant

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    isn't it Luto ng Ina Mo!? well, that's the version i know. and it's rival's name is Luto ng Ina Mo Rin!. very creative and catchy

    here are my contributions:

    Elizabeth Tailoring
    Anita Bakery

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    The MangDonald's...and their specialty...the Big Mang!

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    of course u all know STARBUCKS... but i heard ronnie rickets is opening his own restaurant named Star-C-bucks or sumtin like dat which is supposed to be in katipunan and his business partner is ara mina

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    somewhere near my friend's house is a nightclub called "FINK FOODLE",and also "McDUGO" here in our place, they sell isaw, etc...

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    do you know alibangbang in cubao? that's the bar disco along edsa. it has an annex in aurora blvd called bang-bang-ali!!! hahaha.

    i also saw a billboard along the highway sa may alabang - pangalan ng product is HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOYO!!! tagline - parting-party sa sarap... hehehehehe

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    LOL @ JoeyRamone Where did you get your list?

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    A flower shop sign near U.P. Diliman
    Petal Attraction

    Along Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong
    Pansit ng taga-Malaboni

    On Jeepney and Bus signs:
    Before pay, tell where get the on before get the off (huh?)
    Full string to stop driver
    God knows Hudas not pay
    Don't close to me, close to God (I think I got it)

    On window of a restaurant in Baguio.
    Wanted: Boy Waitress (a transvestite?)

    On a carinderia
    Cooking ng ina mo
    Cooking ng ina mo rin (right across Cooking ng ina mo)

    On a video rental shop
    MASTERVISION (what?)

    In Chinatown
    Le Cheng Tea House

    Shop names seen around:
    Alabank (rural bank of Alabang)
    Anita Bakery (as opposed to Anita Baker)
    Babalik Karinderia
    Bote Nga Sa'Yo (Used Bottle Shop)
    Candies Be Love?
    Christopher Plumbing
    Caintacky Fried Chicken (in Cainta, Rizal)
    Cinna Von (a laundromat)
    Cleopata's (bakahan and manukan)
    Crispy per minute ( Crispy Pata Eatery)
    Curl Up And Dye (Beauty Salon)
    Doris Day and Night (24 hour eatery)
    Elizabeth Tailoring
    Fagoofyt (a children's hair salon on J. Elizalde Avenue in BF
    Felix the Cut (Barber Shop)
    Fernando Pe's Box Office Hits (video rental shop in Busuanga, Palawan).
    Goldirocks (Gravel & Sand Shop)
    Happy Birthday Toyo (a soy sauce brand in the 70's)
    Holland Hopia (owned by Mr. Ho; next door is Poland Hopia, owned by
    Mr. Po in Chinatown Manila),
    Leon King Video Rental (Las Pinas)
    Let's Goat-Together (kambingan cum beer garden)
    Maid To Order (Maids Placement Agency)
    MacDonuts (Donut Shop)
    Mang Donald's (burger joint, Naga City plaza)
    Meating Place (Meat Shop)
    Meatropolis (meat shop)
    Memory Drug (A Mercury Drug Clone)
    Miki Mao (noodle eatery)
    Saudia Hairlines (Beauty Salon)
    Side-saki (side street eatery beside Mandarin Hotel)
    Sophisticut (unisex hair salon)
    Susan's Roses (flower shop)
    Sylvestre's Salon TapSi TurBi (Tapa, Sinangag, Turon at Bibingka)
    The Fried of Marikina (fried chicken shop)
    The Way We Wear (Boutique)
    Wrap and Roll (lumpia outlet, Quad, Makati)

    A menu in a seafood restaurant has these entrees:
    Isda best, Pusit to the limit, and Hipon coming back.

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    Originally posted by CaRaMBa:
    Carinderia's name: "Cooking ng Ina Mo"

    Another carinderia's name, in front of that carinderia: "Cooking ng Ina Mo Rin"
    nick yata yan ng dalawang fellow PExer din natin ah remember the "Pornsites in the Philippines" thread?

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    for those people working in makati, for sure lagi niyong nakikita yung mga jeep na naka park selling food. me and my friends call that...


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    for those people working in makati, for sure lagi niyong nakikita yung mga jeep na naka park selling food. me and my friends call that...


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    BIll's Gate - a computer/cybershop in Escolta

    ok yun list mo JoeyRamone ah

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    fat willy's ... alam nyo ba what that means?!

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