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    unleash the fury!!
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    Talking mga kwento ni lola/lolo

    do we still remember the stories our lola used to tell us when we were still young and innocent (innocent???) here's the thread to relive those stories or memories.

    kahit anong kwento ni lola or lolo, be it funny, weird, spooky or even unexplainable.

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    richmond hill
    it's her story about the war war II actually. they live in Cavite before and maraming japanese. para hindi sila ma-rape or mapagsamantalahan, they hide ni caves or sometimes, they put charcoalon their face to make them look dark... basta anything just to make them look undesirable.

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    kwento nung panahon ng hapon..iniitsa ng hapon ang mga baby tapos tinutusok ng baril na may kutsilyo sa dulo!

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    Ako mga few years ago lang...
    my Granpa told me a story (totoo to ha..)
    when he was still small, they lived in Bataan..
    eh biglang nagdatingan yung Japanese so di ba may war...
    nasunog daw house nila, kasi sa place nila yata may natamaan ng bomb.. or whatever...
    pero nakaalis na sila sa house bago masunog ito...
    nakakaawa daw yung alaga nilang Pig..
    di na nila na-retrieve kasi nasunog na nga...
    na-lechon tuloy ang pig...
    hehe sabi ni LOLO kinain na daw ng mga Hapon...


    kakatuwa... tawa kami ng tawa ng sister ko! hehe...

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    My grandfather always told me the story of how he was a guerilla for 6 days in 1945 when the US were recapturing the Philippines. It was his job to group all the parachuting American soldiers together and lead them because he knew the way.

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    Lumaki ako sa Lola kaya marami-rami din ang nakuwento nya sa akin..She is now 94 and very strong pa rin...

    She tell me her life story. My grandma was raped by a very rich doctor in our place. She is just 14 yrs old and she got pregnant but the doctor is already married but childless. So he offered my Grandma to be a mistress in exchange of hectares of Hacienda pero my Lola say No. Ganda ng Lola ko no? heheh.. Eventually my Lola married my Lolo who is a Spanish. Noong unang panahon daw, being a single mother is a big crime. Mababa ang tingin sa mga Single mom...So hirap sya sa mga kamag-anakan ng Lolo...Ang haba na ata...Basta yun lang ang pinaka na-amaze ako sa kuwento nya..Until now my other cousins in my Grandma side are known to be rich in our place because the rich doctor leave them their inheritance...ok lang..looks naman ang namana namin sa Lolo ko hehehhe...

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    yung buhay ng Lolo at lola ko na pwede mong isulat sa Maalala mo Kaya o Mapagkailanman..... grabe love story ng lolo at lola ko eh

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    mahaL na mahaL natin mga Lolo at Lola natin...(",).. i'm proud of them!!!


    may kilala ba kayong producer ng pelikula?
    recommend natin buhay nila..hehe!
    para blockbuster
    daig pa
    Spiderman! hihihih

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    never heard a single story from them..

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