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    Quote Originally Posted by haberdasher View Post
    i have atribal tattoo of a wolf and and alibat inscription of my dad's name below it,sa left arm.. sa filinvest ako nagpatattoo....he recommended bandol as ointment,and i washed it w/ a regular soap after 2hrs nung tattoo,then pet jelly everytime i take a bath....somehow i got addicted to the pain of the needle that am thinking of having another one sa chest....

    the 3k price is kinda expensive, kasi sa kin ,from my shoulder hangang elbow,2500 lang..
    yung pet jelly ba before and after maligo or after lang?

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    Quote Originally Posted by treefingers View Post
    Thanks for the inputs, ice burn!

    Pls comment on my regiment plan. I just based it on what you said and the other guys were saying here.

    > apply pjelly before washing (do I need to apply BEFORE washing?)
    > wash with water and soap. What soap would you recommend?
    > dry up then apply terramycin. or pwede ba after applying terrmycin, Iíll apply pjelly on top?
    > no need to cover with gauze?
    I covered my tattoo with P.Jelly when I took a shower. I carefully wiped P.Jelly off after my shower. I applied terramycin after. And that's it. When it itched, I applied terramycin. Nung naubusan ng terramycin, P.Jelly muna.

    Spanking your tattoo when it itches helps haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexis29 View Post
    how much po kaya lower back tattoo...I really want one kasi.thanks
    tats on lower back are called TRAMP STAMP..would you really wanna have a "tramp stamp"?

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    Tattoo after-care varies depending on who you talk to. Some artists advice using petroleum jelly, while others are against it because it's oily. Oil will tend to slow the healing time of the tattoo.

    I use Vandol cream. I only put petroleum jelly when I play sports. I don't put anything before I take a shower. I wash it with soap regularly too.

    In any case, don't be too paranoid. The ink is deep in your epidermis and it will stay there.

    Don't worry, I'm legit. I have 7 tattoos with three more lined up this year.

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    I'm planning to get a large tattoo at the back. Not really large but just a plain cross, but a large one. Just black ink. Mga 9-inch long and 5-inch wide. Pero cross lang siya so it won't take up the whole space. How much do you think would that be? I'm thinking of going to Ricky Sta. Ana's shop.

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    i had my koi fish done last january.
    9x4 inches. whole forearm.
    paid 2.5k but for the outline only.
    and another 2.5k for the coloring.

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    I have a phoenix tat sa lower back, pure black lang yung ink.

    Here's my tat:

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    my tat size is actually about 7x3 and not 3x3 as i thought. so i think 3k isn't just a pretty fair price

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    Im 5 months pregnant. Can I still get a tattoo?

    I'm planning to have my son's name tattooed on my left wrist. As in small tat lang showing his name.

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    here's my tat.
    i'm planning to bring it to another artist for enhancement. mejo di ako satisfied e. then siguro mga 2 new tats later and i'll stop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faustina View Post
    Im 5 months pregnant. Can I still get a tattoo?

    I'm planning to have my son's name tattooed on my left wrist. As in small tat lang showing his name.
    my friend got her tatoo on her back when she was 4mos pregnant ..

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    Quote Originally Posted by halam View Post
    tats on lower back are called TRAMP STAMP..would you really wanna have a "tramp stamp"?
    Hehehe...doesn't matter how they see it...that's what I want...and besides nasa nagdadala naman yun eh

    anyway napalagay ko na sya last december...maybe i've forgotten the pain of my first tattoo coz it really really hurt.

    And I'm satisfied na with two tattoos unless i find a great design again

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    still contemplating on having another one .... tsk tsk ... i only put p. jelly when am gonna take a bath,otherwise,yung vandol ointment lang...ang greasy kasi ng feeling eh..hahawa pa sa bedsheets mo

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    bumping this up because I am itching for another tat!

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    Dahil sa kapapanood ko ng Miami Ink at L.A. Ink sa Discovery Channel parang gusto ko na rin tuloy magpaganito... sa inner wrist. Still thinking of a design.

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    Ask ko lang, matagal ko na balak magpa-tattoo kaso some of my friends said na baka makaapekto sa work like kung balak kong mag abroad, plus me kapitbahay kami na me tattoo, then nag apply ng local work, after ng physical exam nakita yung tattoo, then di na sya tinanggap. My question is: di ba naka apekto yung mga tattoo nyo in one way or another sa work or job hunting nyo? Thanks.

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    Never affected me and I've worked in some of the most conservative companies here and abroad.

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    As long as professionally done *** tat mo at magandang tignan, hindi siguro makakasagabal sa career mo. Pero kung mukhang gawang bilibid eh siguradong sisipain ka, hindi lang sa trabaho pati ng asawa mo hehehe.

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    Hahaha, nakakadala nga ang Miami Ink na yan.

    I like looking at different tattoo designs.

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    Thumbs up

    i have 2 tattoos, one on the right hip and one on the left. the right one is an angel and the other one's a dragon encircling a lotus flower. (refer to avatar)

    i got mine from oman daluz. he's great! i think he used to hold a position in PhilTaG before, i just can't remember which...

    he holds shop in recto, right beside Ever Gotesco. You can check out his friendster account (where his designs are showcased) by typing inkcentric on the search field. pero ngayon nagpunta siyang australia, ang balik niya ay sa november. cool silang lahat sa shop

    i don't regret having mine. at naenvision ko na ang sarili kong kulu-kulubot na at kapiling pa rin ang aking angel at dragon.

    i'm planning to get another one, a dragon/tiger yin yang. pero saka na, after two years siguro
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