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  1. #1
    Anu-anong mga Filipinong kasabihan at slalwikain ang alam mo? Naniniwala ka ba sa mga ito. Isinasapuso at isinasabuhay mo ba ang mga ito? Sana...

    Mahilig ka ba sa mga bugtong? Magbigay ka naman o...

  2. #2
    Here's my favorites:


    "Bugtong Kalibugtong,
    Sumasangay walang dahon"

    Hulaan niyo yan, sa next ang sagot.

    Ang salawikain bow:

    " Kung di uukol,
    di bubukol."

  3. #3
    slurbrun: medyo mahirap ata...clue naman. Is there a letter in buhok?

  4. #4
    Charonte Demon
    Join Date
    Nov 1999
    688 Ursulines Ave.
    what do these words mean? pls?

  5. #5
    Jonny: what "words" are you talking about...pls. be more specific.

  6. #6
    jonny, inglesero ka na ha! well bugtong is riddle, kalibugtong is a nonsense word put there to make it rhyme, sumasanga'y (contraction of sumasanga=branches out & ay). Do i have to translate dahon?

    Yun lang po. Wala pa ring makahula?

    wickwater, me K

  7. #7

    This is my guess: River (ilog) or road (kalye). It branches out but there are no leaves.

    Ayos ba?

    [This message has been edited by clone (edited 01-26-2000).]

  8. #8
    Hmmm, Clone oo nga noh pero the answer is strictly wood din in nature kasi it has to do w/ "sanga". Keep ur guesses coming. Premyo? Kiss daw from wickwater

  9. #9
    i'm ready this time!
    Join Date
    Oct 1999
    sungay ng usa?

  10. #10
    dre Correct! Wow! Nasagot na rin sa wakas! Please claim ur kiss from wickwater

    Opo, sungay ng usa po! Ehek mali pala ako sa clue na wood.

    Again congratulations dre.

  11. #11
    Eto pa!

    Di pari, di hari,
    damit ay sari-sari!


    Isang prutas,
    pito ang butas

    Naku madali lang pala to. Sana me mAGpahula ng mahirAP .

    [This message has been edited by slurbrun (edited 01-27-2000).]

  12. #12
    1. sampayan
    2. mukha

    Eto naman: Isda sa Mariveles puno ng kaliskis?

    [This message has been edited by wickwater (edited 01-27-2000).]

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