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    ♥ Ejay Falcon & Empress Schuck ♥ as Onat and Joni in Guns & Roses ♥

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    Jonathan Marasigan has one mission – to clear the family name and honor. He begins this mission by following his father’s footsteps and becomes a policeman himself. A dedicated police officer, he makes sure that everyone follows the law and that often gets him into trouble because he becomes too focused on following the law to the letter – even if it means it would hurt the ones he truly cares about. Onat, as he is fondly called by family and friends, has a strained relationship with his brother, for he feels that Abel abandoned them when he was younger. This resentment creates tension and friction in the Marasigan household. PBB Grand winner Ejay Falcon plays PO1 Jonathan Marasigan.

    Joni is an adorable if not, slightly spoiled charming young woman who meets Onat in a speeding accident. Idealistic and young, Joni can be perceived to be naive and it is this naivety that makes her very charming and vulnerable. The “only child” of the real estate tycoon, Lucio Dela Rocha, she is not your typical heiress. She is quite down to earth and values her family above everything else. She’s also very sentimental and keeps items and objects that mean a lot to her and reminds her of her family and especially her mother. The Empress of Drama, Empress Shuck plays Joni Dela Rocha.

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    Jonathan Marasigan is the youngest Marasigan and is also the one to follow his father’s footsteps in being a police officer.

    Onat, as he is called by his friends and family, is a very protective son. Not a wonder since he had to suddenly take care of the responsibility of being the man of the house after his father is sent to the mental institution and his brother suddenly disappeared.

    He feels resentment towards his older brother Abel for suddenly leaving him and his mother. Onat worked hard to be a police officer and is working just as hard to be recognized and to once again, clear the Marasigan name and honor.

    Onat is most of the time with his police partner, Axl. He meets Joni in a speeding incident and his life is never the same since.

    Name: Jonathan Marasigan
    Nickname: Onat, Pakner (A term of endearment between him and Axl)
    Parents: Jose “Pepe” Marasigan, a Police Officer and Dolor Marasigan, a Baranggay Captain
    Siblings: Abel Marasigan
    Height: 6 feet 1 inch
    Weight: 180 pounds

    Abilities and Skills:

    As a child, Onat and his brother loved to play with slingshots, thereby developing his sight and aim. This was helpful during his training as a police officer and he was considered to be a good marksman. Although he was only provided with a standard issue handgun, he is well versed in several firearms including high powered rifles and shotguns.

    His dream is to get into STiNG and become an agent. He is a skilled driver and can maneuver in and around the streets of Manila. He has great tactical skills but often, his enthusiasm gets the better of him. Onat is also skilled in non-weaponry close contact fights. He is trained in Pekiti Tirsia Kali a form of martial arts that involves a stick, similar to arnis.

    Although a tough guy through and through, he is quite awkward when it comes to the ladies.

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    Joni Dela Rocha is the only child and heiress to the Dela Rocha real estate fortune. She is a sweet and loving daughter to Lucio although a bit idealistic.

    Joni believes in happy ever afters and the innate goodness of every person. She is bubbly and charming but can be a bit stubborn at times. Even though she is idealistic, her heart is always in the right place. She tries to do right every time – thinking of the greater good each time.

    She meets Onat in a speeding incident involving her and several fruit stalls. Immediately, she is smitten. Add to that the prediction of her psychic nanny, Yayey, that her one true love will ask for her hand and give her two bracelets.

    Joni is part of a shocking secret that she is not quite privy to just yet. When the secret is revealed, her whole world crumbles. As if it wasn’t enough, more dark secrets start spilling and Joni finds herself in a maelstrom of emotions and decisions to make.

    Name: Joni Dela Rocha
    Nickname: None
    Parents: Don Lucio Dela Rocha and unnamed deceased mother
    Siblings: ?
    Height: 5 feet 5 inches
    Weight: 120 pounds

    Significant Facts:

    Was involved in a speed chase that ended in a crash and a chance meeting with Onat
    Is part of the family owned Foundation.

    Abilities and Skills:

    Joni is a typical young rich heiress with the exception of having a real nice down to earth attitude. She is technologically adept and is proficient with computer programs that help her with her studies such as video editing software, word processors, photography and writing.

    She owns several technological gadgets such as an iPad, HD digital video camera and the latest smart phones. She’s a sharp dresser, donned in the latest fashions and shoes although she’s not one to shy away from street food. (In fact, she loves it)

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    Hello EjayPressians

    Much excited for "Jonat"(Joni & Onat) moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by unicohijo7 View Post
    Hello EjayPressians

    Much excited for "Jonat"(Joni & Onat) moments
    yeah! Me too! Excited na ako sa jonat moments!

    anong oras pala ang guns and roses dyan sa pinas??

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