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    how to operate an oven

    Please help me We have an ELBA gas range w/oven (like la germania style) but we haven't used it since my mom bought it. it's like a decoration in our kitchen and it's really useless bec we have another kitchen to do all the cooking stuff (with the normal gas range).. i want to know how to use it but the manual seems lost and nowhere to found. can you teach me how to operate/use/turn it on? replies will be appreciated. I'm dying to bake a carrot cake and since the holiday season is near, i want to make it useful

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    Either its gas oven or electric oven all instructions are the same. But There are some child proof gas cooker/oven that you have to turnpress in the button for few second then it will light on. about temperature of the oven gas normally cooking temp is at gas 5-6 or 150 -180 deg.

    Hope this could help you


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    Best thing to do is go to an Elba dealer and check out whether they have extra copy of the manual for the model you have. Or simply ask the Elba merchandiser the general procedure: How to turn on, how to turn off, how to low-heat, how to high-heat, how to clean, which part to move, how to pre-heat, check light, check thermometer, etc.
    I reckon, what you are only interested in is how to turn on and off and control the temp. Happy baking!

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    elba din oven namin, nginatngat ng resident daga ang wires for the automatic pilot, e mabuti nakita ng kasama namin sa bahay, bago namin sinindihan. occasional din lang kasi ang gamit at parang display lang kasi may out kitchen na kun saan nagluluto talaga.

    call elba repair and ask them to service the oven first, mabait naman yung mamang nagseservice. i don't remember the number, pero eto ang nasa website nila: 0917-8463522. eto naman ang sales office number: (02) 722-6267 / (02) 721-4686 ask for the repair centre number. tanda ko minimal lang siningil tapos ni-calibrate pa yung flame. better be safe to let the expert swith it on first, then ask how-to.

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    how long has it been a 'decoration' in your kitchen?
    normally if an oven hasn't been in use for a
    very long time, it needs to checked and serviced before
    using it again. It is best for you to call the ELBA service/repair

    Once your oven has been checked and is ok to use, don't
    forget to pre-heat it before baking (the mixture/batter of whatever
    cake you wish to bake).

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