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  1. Facebook Profile Picture (SOLO w/o bf or gf)
  2. Ok na sana ang lahat, kaso nalaman niya edad ko...
  3. Big Dilemma. Please Help!
  4. Male Friendships: Is it possible?
  5. how to make a DALAGANG PILIPINA fall in love with me?
  6. Nanligaw kaso nag give up, pero gusto ulit manligaw
  7. If they say you are handsome, intelligent and kind, but your problem is...
  8. saying "iloveyou" to a girl.. it just slipped out!
  9. Tama po ba pangliligaw ko?
  10. what do you fight about the most? what was your biggest fight about?
  11. pa-advise please. =(
  12. Closure...do you really need it to COMPLETELY move on?
  13. help naman.
  14. insecure of my bf's ex-girlfriend
  15. help. my boyfriend and his exgf.
  16. buking si mister..help...
  17. How to maintain LDR/Online Relationships?
  18. Does She Like Me?????????
  19. Is there a term for love and infatuation in between?
  20. Marriage Break up....help me move on.
  21. Have you ever been cheated by your wife?
  22. sarcastic reply needed.
  23. need help with a 10-year old relationship
  24. very very complicated situation..
  25. Do you think she will accept me after what I did?
  26. i fell out of love-advise please
  27. what would you do and how would you feel IF
  28. What to do if he said he is dying? :(
  29. what should i do?
  30. Help :|
  31. hanngang kailan ko tatakbuhan ang problema ko :(
  32. HELP..ABOUT CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage)
  33. best dating ideas/places
  34. 5months pregnant but my family still don't know
  35. boyfriend is bestfriend's ex
  36. I am being blackmailed by a girl who I used to flirt with.
  37. When is the best time to say it's over?
  38. Masama bang magdemand ng attention? Need your help guys
  39. My boyfriend is an ex-pornstar
  40. A "bakit ngayon ka lang" problem...
  41. my girlfriend spends more time with her GUY BESTFRIEND.
  42. sino ang mas pipillin mo, bf mo for 2yrs or ang lalakeng mahal mo 15yrs ago?
  43. Do guys always hang out with girls that they dont like..i mean just him and the girl?
  44. Maagang pagbubuntis ng special friend ko...
  45. ang gulo talaga
  46. My Girlfriend Broke up with me
  47. Bakit Ako Ganito?
  48. Wala na atang sasakit pa sa nangyari sa buhay ko ngayon
  49. I don't know what to do.
  50. guys, patulong naman, need your opinion
  51. Paano ba yung unconditional love?
  52. yun na ata yung magandang chance, naudlot pa! help!
  53. Can you commit to a promiscuous woman?
  54. Unexpected Fall...
  55. ano ibig sabihin...?
  56. My pexfriend in love with kuya kim
  57. I Really Need Help!!!
  58. A letter to someone I love
  59. help
  60. Big break
  61. I feel very uncomfortable with my boyfriend.
  62. The husband is the fubu
  63. am i crazy?
  64. sinagot ko sya pero di ko sya gaanong love
  65. mapang asar na mga lalake nagpapapansin ba o sadyang ganun lang?
  66. Nagising ako sa matagal ko nang pagkakatulog..
  67. need some advice pls :(
  68. How can I fall In Love Again?
  69. Wording For Monetary Gift In Wedding Invitation
  70. crazy in-love with another girl.
  71. Sino ang pipiliin ko? Two marriage proposals
  72. This Guy I don't get..
  73. Step-Sister is PREGNANT with my baby.
  74. Should he break up with her?
  75. Financial or Emotional Happiness?
  76. I want to meet new people.. I want change..
  77. tuloy ko pa po ba itong panliligaw ko?
  78. the most painful goodbye is leaving without saying a word... T_T
  79. What's wrong? Is she pregnant?
  80. Torn between two lovers
  81. bakit ako inaadd sa fb ng wife ng ex ko? I need your opinion
  82. Share ko lang po ang sad love story.
  83. Fake parental consent/advice..
  84. Help with tagalog text from GF in Phillipines(fil-Am)
  85. Help....Im making myself an outcast!
  86. if a girl has a crush on you, and you have an S.O. already...
  87. I'm in love with my Math Prof :(
  88. second chance
  89. What's wrong with me?
  90. Falling in love with a she or a he..
  91. Lovers in Mandaluyong "((
  92. please help.need your advice,reactions,opinions,sermon, etc.
  93. Tanong Lang..
  94. what should my strategy be?
  95. Niloloko Ka Na Nga ... Mahal Mo Pa Din???
  96. a long term gay guy is finnally getting married to a girl...
  97. REMINDER: Do-s and Donít-s for LCM
  98. need your thoughts people
  99. confused with my boyfriend.. :(((
  100. I'm so confused...
  101. Porn or real life love?
  102. My friend's crazy girlfriend
  103. What to do?
  104. long distance relationship
  105. sayang crush ko pa naman.
  107. Fixing a broken heart
  108. Nambababe kaya siya?
  109. how long one should wait?
  110. Geeez, need HELP :(
  111. how can you get out of a not so healthy relationship???
  112. Anong gagawin mo kung ayaw ng family and friends mo sa bf mo?
  113. Bakit mo nga ba pinupuntahan ang isang tao?
  114. My GF lied to me about her children... what do I do? Need your help!
  115. should i marry her or not?
  116. depression attack due to no one loves me aside my family
  117. PEXers, help me for my Girl before DECEMBER 12! :(((
  118. Friends With Your Ex? A Good Idea?
  119. loveless
  120. Do I really have to tell her during this moment in time?
  121. am the third party in a love affair
  122. What should I do? Am I overreacting?
  123. Dahil mahal na mahal ko sya...
  124. Help..Baka Mapasubo Ako..
  125. Need help po about marriage..dilemma..
  126. Hoping one day, I could call him mine...
  127. Anong Nangyari sa Aking "Ultimate Shot"?
  128. panO kO sasabihin sa family kO na preggy akO?
  129. What are the best breakup songs that made you cry?
  130. Grey Area in a relationship
  131. Is my husband Cheating on me.. what should I do
  132. Help about a guy's attitude
  133. Mukha ba kong misunderstood?
  134. Ano ang ibig sabihin pag binigay nyo ang number nyo sa isang guy? Plus more question
  135. Girls, paano ba maging mysterious???
  136. Unti-Unti akong Nagagalit sa Taong Mahal na Mahal ko
  137. Allergic ako sa Magaganda
  138. i fell in the old man trap
  139. Facebook: pano yan MAY GUSTO NA YATA AKO KAY tHEA.
  140. How to make a stalker understand you are not interested with her?
  141. introduced by parents to a gwapo guy; need dating tips
  142. Bf says "I'm busy."
  143. Young Love-Sweet Love: Does age really matter?
  144. Having an Alcoholic GF
  145. Sino'ng Mas Matalino?
  146. I only knew I'm the third party after 1 1/2 yrs!!!
  147. a dilemna: going out with an immature and insensitive girl
  148. So Tired Of Proving Myself To Them!
  149. dilemma of a not yet legally separated wife
  150. Is there a right time to say I Love You?
  151. sleeping with a girl who claims she doesnt like you...at all.
  152. anybody can help me?
  153. need advice from guys
  154. Hindi ko sya maintindihan... I need HELP!!!
  155. Busy...
  156. guys pengeng advise...
  157. I can't forget this guy. Is this something or what?
  158. How to Forget??
  159. How can i win back my gf?
  160. Sometimes LOVE just ain't ENOUGH...
  161. Does He Like Me Back?
  162. Why cant i accept this??
  163. Can anyone relate?
  164. somebody else got my dreams
  165. What should I do? Do I have to wait? Or move on?
  166. Anong opinyon niyo sa paguusap namin?
  167. jobless jowa, again
  168. love advices on formspring
  169. what does it mean if he's cumming out first?
  170. d dw tinatayuan agad si kuya tapos never nilabasan si ate
  171. Should I forget him?
  172. Will you still go to your scheduled trip even if your partner begged off
  173. Can I marry the daughter of my 2nd Degree Cousin?
  174. My Girlfriend and I just broke up, now I feel terrible
  175. stuck on her :(
  176. The Annoying B!+cH
  177. Its between the BESTfriend and the GIRLfriend.
  178. tama bang obligahin ng lalaki ang asawa na magtrabaho para kumita ng pera?
  179. Malabong istorya.
  180. Does he have a crush on me?
  181. First Monthsary Surprise/Ideas
  182. para sa mga meron kasintahan na di kapareho ang social circle
  183. may kulangot ka atsaka muta..!
  184. How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You?
  185. what does it mean if magkatext pa din kayo ng EX mo kahit na may GF na syang bago?
  186. Penoy Admin Nanalo ng Best Slogan Award
  187. Mr. Dream Boy or Boy Next Door? I need some advice!
  188. Loving a married man?!
  189. He seems to be too good for me
  190. Pwede ko bang hindi ilagay ang asawa ko
  191. Want my marriage annuled
  192. Emotional Bond
  193. I am the MISTRESS
  194. How can two people in love break up and part ways?
  195. Do you believe in giving someone a second chance?
  196. Paano nga ba masasabi na serious si girl?
  197. How to deal with a "Secret Admirer"?
  198. Is it ok to come with your bf at his high school reunion?
  199. pag ang babae ang nanlalaki? need your views guys.
  200. Be a Nice Guy or Bad Boy? Choose your Destiny.. Part 2
  201. Diet Pills
  202. Hooray mag hihiwalay na parents ko
  203. tulungan nio naman ako di ko na alam gagwin sa buhay ko
  204. tulungan nio po ako wala na po ako mauwian
  205. Hindi natuturuan ang puso
  206. I WONDER: Men Family Provider vs. Women Family Provider
  207. guys help naman..
  208. How do you ask a girl if she's a virgin or not?
  209. In love with the wrong man and in the wrong time...
  210. was not able to celebrate monthsary because of dota and etc..
  211. Was I too clingy?
  212. Impasse at the relationship
  213. Away na lang nang away
  214. HELP, guys need ur advise.. im hurt as of these time..
  215. Help..nagwoworry ako sa payo ng kaibigan ko..=(
  216. Paano ba kalimutan ang saddest experience?
  217. May Karapatan ba ang asawa makialam ng gamit ng walang paalam?
  218. Paano mo sasabihin sa GF mo na Maitim kilikili nya
  219. Bakit mas lapitin ang single mom at married guys sa opposite sex?
  220. Addiction (not for the innocent)
  221. What's next for me? :|
  222. An Unhappy Marriage: How to Know When It's Really Over
  223. complicated life of a single mom
  224. Help! crush ko si clkassmate, pano ko sasabihin?
  225. Dapat ba akong masaktan?
  226. The Advantages and Disadvantages of being a single parent?
  227. Kelangan ko ng advice..
  228. anu legal action pede gawin sa may utang?
  229. Really confused
  230. buntis ako, kelangan talaga magpakasal???
  231. Problemado Ako.
  232. I am going to explode..
  233. Etiquette for Mistresses
  234. felling nauseous with myself...
  235. HELP!!! Falling in love with a friend
  236. How to Cope After a Long-term Relationship Has Ended
  237. I have met my Ex.....now I am confused
  238. Paano kung ganito ang sitwasyon mo sa pinakamamahal mong girlfriend? :)
  239. natatakot akong mahulog ang guy sakin pero ako nahuhulog na ako sa kanya...
  240. so addicted to ym intimacies... should i see a psychologist?
  241. Missing Files!
  242. guys, turnofF ba kayo sa smokers?
  243. Ano ang ibig sabihin nito?? Gusto niya din ba ako??
  244. What do you do to a cheating girlfriend? Or boyfriend for that matter?
  245. nain-lab ako sa nurse ko... help
  246. Ex bf and bestfriend
  247. my posibilities ba na mabuntis ako?
  248. I think my boyfriend is in love with someone else...
  249. I Love You Becaused I Need You Or I Need You Because I Love You...anu Ba Talaga Ang ?
  250. SUGGESTIONS: Best Way to WOO a Girl?