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  1. Paano magpareconsider?
  2. im an incoming UP Manila freshman and im lost.
  4. i need some help. im an incoming freshman in UPM
  5. Shifting to BS Economics or BS IE from BS Computer Science
  6. Computing GWA (General Weighted Average)
  7. Kwento Pagkatapos Malaman Ang UPCAT Results
  8. Maganda ba ang STAT?
  9. Paano ang pamumuhay ng mga nagdodorm sa UPLB?
  10. Is Communication Arts in UPLB good?
  11. Math 53
  12. MatE in UPD?
  13. Anong masasabi mo sa logo ng UP?
  14. contact details ni sir Vivencio N. Abastillas
  15. Lapit na Pre enlistment . . still lost pa rin sa subjects,,, pahelp naman po pexers
  16. UPLB. . freshie thread
  17. UPD BS Math Curriculum -- Here
  18. Advance Placement Examinations
  19. part time academic/essay writers needed
  20. Pre-enlistment in UP
  21. Mga Kabataang Kapampangan Ng UP Na Para Sa Pagbabago
  22. Plant Design Topic
  23. Graduate studies
  24. The Shiftees Thread
  25. UPLB Question
  26. shifting to BAA??
  27. UP Transferee's Problem HELP!
  28. looking for upm accredited dorms
  29. ComSci sa elbi
  30. Talent Determination Test panu un??
  32. UP Short Courses?
  33. Org, Kelangan ba?
  34. Kamusta naman ang Talent Determination Test, guys?
  35. i want to shift to BAA
  36. Mga Courses na May PinakaMARAMING Lahi
  37. I ASK: UP Broad Communication
  38. Non-quota Course Ng Upd
  39. GE Courses
  40. Need help. Incoming BS CS freshie here.
  41. center of excellence ng UP
  42. Entering UP Diliman through the Varsity Athletic Admission System
  43. need help! financial scholarship for incoming engineering student
  44. What are the advantages of BS Math in UPD?
  45. orgs/clubs/groups in UPd
  46. UP FRESHMAN for Academic Year 2010-2011
  47. Botong Isko 2010 Round 2
  48. Guys, Do you think may chance ako sa U.P ?
  49. UPD BS Math Incoming Freshmen
  50. [b]mock Elections[/b]
  51. ano ang CMT sa science courses??
  52. Food Tech in UP Diliman
  53. PRE - ENLISTMENT 2010 Stories :)
  54. Pre-enlistment query?
  55. APE - Advanced Placement Exam
  56. Mock National Elections
  57. UP sa Clark, Prof Guide.
  58. Mass Communication Questions
  59. I'm an incoming freshman this school year, pwede po makahingi ng tips? :)
  60. UP Diliman Masters Degree Program..
  61. upcat results
  62. A few questions, cause I'm filling up my form soon..
  63. 3rd yr FA VISCOM
  64. The Political Science Majors' Thread
  65. Transferring from DLSU to UP
  66. What is PURE for Econ?
  67. UP-Baguio peeps, dito naman tayo
  68. BS BIO STUDENTS. Masters or Medicine?
  69. Chemistry in UPD
  70. BS Psych Enrollment Date
  71. 2010 Elections Online Discussion
  72. Is Chemistry in UPD considered a non-quota course?
  73. UP Freshie ka kung...
  74. Pre-rog experiences?
  75. Isko/iska's Choices For 2010 Election
  76. WHAT KIND OF INTERVIEW (for Transferees)
  77. Why should I join an org?
  78. What is better, IE or BAA?
  79. Incoming Bs Chemical Engineering sa UPLB
  80. interview
  82. mai UP sim card ba?
  83. Speech electives
  84. UP bedspace
  85. UP enrolment for transfer applicants
  86. UP- 2nd place again in THES
  87. UP Medicine Requirements (and strictness)
  88. FREE Teacher Training
  89. Why do people think that it is a DISEASE to be a THOMASIAN?
  90. Euro Plates For sale
  91. Creepy stories in U.P.
  92. Mga isyung INC
  93. Question po.
  94. Need Urgent help!
  95. On Taking Foreign Languanges
  96. UPFI students? help :(
  97. Advice for shifting from one UP campus to another in your 2nd year?
  98. Inquiry from a UP Transferee
  99. .Net Development
  100. UP Com Sci
  101. MEGAWORLD and other engineering scholarships offered in UP Diliman
  102. register for UPCAT, online
  103. Urgent Help Needed (All advice useful)
  104. Sa mga mayexperience mag shift, tama ba itong ginagawa ko?
  105. Bakit parang walang mga BA Film students dito? /:)
  106. Industrial Eng vs. Electronics and Communications Eng
  107. What to expect in Broadcast Communications?
  108. anu po teknik sa crs??
  109. Head Start for those in need :)
  110. UPCAT 2011 Examinees - Dito Tayo!
  111. ang first day experiences mo sa updiliman..
  112. am i covered by return service agreement?
  113. Subject not cancelled in CRS last summer. how to remove?
  114. IE or Business Economics or BAA
  115. Tuition payment at DBP/Landbank - help!
  116. Pagusapan natin: Freewill vs. Destiny
  117. Qustions about rooms/buildings :)
  118. Grad Studies in UP
  119. Saang building po ba ang TBA?
  120. Physics 71 under Sadia, Cyril
  121. UPD students cop top prize in Asia business concept contest
  122. 3 UP filmmakers named among world’s 100 most talented
  123. UPCAT Help!! I'm a 2010 upcat examinee.
  124. Oblation run
  125. Sunog sa AS
  126. Rapidly Changing Diliman Landscape --- anong masasabi mo?
  127. Math17, Comm I, and History I books....
  128. UP Fencing Club
  129. Chem Eng'g at UPD
  130. i got line of 7 in my final grading. will i pass UPCAT?
  131. HELP- FILM STUDENTS! Or kahit sinong pwedeng tumulong
  132. Sino dyan ang may Philo 1 class kay R.R. Soberano?
  133. UP seeks P18.5-B budget for 2011
  134. Mainstream vs. Second Class courses in UP
  135. Need Help Po!
  136. Elbi students... I need help...
  137. inquiry
  138. Iska O Isko, Para Kanino Ba Ang Pag-aaral Mo?
  139. Term Paper (POLSC 11)
  140. A Note to the President of the UP System
  141. JW sa UPD,yohoo,where are you?
  142. BA PolSci to BS Psych
  143. Up Maroon Team
  144. GreatIdeas.ph
  145. Hell Week ng org
  146. Shifting to BroadComm!!!
  147. transfer ng underload
  148. in a course dilemma
  149. Question about historical UP Professors.
  150. UP visayas
  151. UP to put up PhD program in Industrial Engineering
  152. UP examiners!! 2010-2011. ;)
  153. papasa ka ba s UPCAT o paasa-asa ***? :((
  154. Novare Technologies are looking for OJT's
  155. Novare Technologies are now hiring Fresh Graduates for Software Engineer position
  156. good side of people studying in up
  157. Sino nakakakilala kay Ronison Salamat?
  158. MD-PhD program in Molecular Medicine launched; 10 students admitted
  159. UP opens health sciences campus in South Cotabato
  160. RakChemRol: a Benefit Concert for the Rehabilitation of the Institute of Chemistry
  161. Cinemalaya at UP FIlm Center
  162. madami bang ka'kumpetensya sa occupational therapy?
  163. Careers At Pointwest Technologies Corp.
  164. saang UP center ka mag'eexam at kailan?
  165. UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations (SOLAIR)
  166. UPD and UPM - Let's all Gather in one BIG Party!
  167. i lost my UPCAT test permit!
  168. Sponsorship for Exchange Students
  169. Transferring in UP
  170. how was your test today, UPCAT 2011 takers?
  171. Taking UPCAT? All You Need is P.E.P.S.I.
  172. Grade Distribution/ Viewing of Grades in UP
  173. What do you look for in a boarding house?
  174. Transfer to UP
  175. UP JMA Presents "INDIEMAND" – The First Ever Indie Music Marketing Competition
  176. UP transfer POL.SCI
  177. Book Donations
  178. Masters in Industrial Relations or Psychology?
  179. Bs Math!
  180. Appeal!! Kelangan ko ng kaliwanagan..
  181. UP OBEM Presents "BEAT: Be In Control", An Inter-Highschool Dance Competition
  182. The LHM and LG Optimus Team in UP Diliman
  183. CERTIFICATE COURSE. how to get out?
  184. UP Board of Regents accepts Nominations for UP Presidency
  185. UP JMA Presents "Mark'EM – Marketing Education Matters!"
  186. Medicine at UPLB?
  187. NEEDED ASAP! Free skin Whitening volunteer
  188. UP Economics Society Proudly Presents "CYPHER: Unravel Paradise"
  189. Tama bang mag-shift pa from ADMU to UP?
  190. The Next UP President
  191. IM a BS Chemistry stud in UPLB. Im planning to transfer to La Salle Dasma.
  192. Tulong naman regarding AWOL, 2nd sem non-maj, and shifting out of this mess!
  193. Do companies still consider grades in hiring UP graduates?
  194. Services ng Infirmary, known by many as the infamous Infirmatay
  195. Win a brand new LG Optimus GT540!
  196. [from Academe] MBB of UP diliman as second course
  197. UP-FEU squads fan page
  198. Which course kaya ang maganda?
  199. Which has a higher cut-off score?
  200. What does it mean to be an Iskolar ng bayan, a UP student?
  201. Question on Overloading
  202. ECON vs Business ECON
  203. UP-Manila's Master's in Management
  204. New Grads Electronics Engineers needed in Ortigas
  205. The UP Economics Society Brings You "Musikapella V: Isang Pagbabalik-Tanaw"
  206. Tuition Fee of Engineering Courses in Various Universities/Colleges
  207. UP Circle of Entrepeneurs' ANSWER CANCER
  208. ISKO'T ISKA, i need all your help! :))
  209. Kamusta ang inyong finals so far?
  210. ENGG RA registration form??
  211. Ms1
  212. Paano magcompute ng GWA?
  213. getting hired by good(kahit di top) companies someday **** mdamin bgsak nung college
  214. UP Tops October 2010 CPA Board Exam
  215. computer Science Problem :( HELP!!!!
  216. Frontrow Enterprise.
  217. Advisable po ba lumipat ng UP?
  218. Question po sa mga UP students
  219. i dont know how to ENROLL o_o
  220. HELP: Free Electives
  221. UP Electives
  222. UP's distinct flavor :)
  223. Uplb Ibs
  224. BA Psych
  225. Kasalanan ng mahihirap pag indi sila umahon sa kanilang buhay.
  226. Tuition fee payment
  227. OJT (with 233.93/day allowance)
  228. Loa
  229. Shifting-out Status
  230. I'm planning to enroll in UP for school year 2012-2013; what are my chances?
  231. modeling workshop
  232. HELP pls!! *Transfer from UST to UP
  233. HB Lab
  234. Calendar using turbo c
  235. re: prerequisites
  236. UPLB peeps help
  237. can yu get out from a cetficate course?
  238. Shifting To/applying For Fine Arts
  239. UPd Profs who do not allow prerog/ are hard to convince
  240. UPD and UPLB Chemical Engineering....
  241. The best Pre-Med course to enter UPCM?
  242. Is the university library of UP-Manila accessible to the public?
  243. Marami Po Bang Kumukuha ng Mechanical Eng Sa UP?
  244. Political Science or Philosophy?
  245. may nakakaalis ba o shift out sa Certificate Programs??
  246. I am seriously planning on applying for AY 2012-2013, what are my chances of passing?
  247. For UP industrial students... HELP!
  248. Engineering Week 2010!
  249. Econ Shifting Process
  250. second course at up