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  1. SEB or in shot Sex EB
  2. Anong Madalas Nyong Pinag Aawayan Ng Bf O Gf Nyo????
  3. FLIRTING....Pinoy Style
  4. IS it ok to get jealous with ur bf's ex?
  5. i just need your help!
  6. habol ako dati... habol ka ngayon!
  7. Have you fallen in love with someone youve never seen?
  8. is he/she just your friend?
  9. what do u do when someone likes u?
  10. Is ur gf a papa's girl or ur bf a mama's boy??
  11. always falling for an unavailable guy...
  12. What if ?
  13. I need your votes pls......
  14. he/she came at the wrong place.. at the wrong time..
  15. alternative for sex
  16. to marry, be a single mom, or single-for-life?
  17. Boys & Girls... Paano ka manligaw? (from flirting to courting...)
  18. umamin na kayo. r u guys superficial when it comes to girls?
  19. would u marry a girl w/ a baby?????
  20. HoW LoNg WeRe YoU CoUrTeD By YoUr BoYfRiEnD??
  21. what if i cheat on my bf should i tell him or not?
  22. Ur having doubts...
  23. what to do with mementos (gifts) from your ex?
  24. Deep Dark Secrets Revealed
  25. Which one are you ?
  26. ArE GuD LoOking GuYs onE wOman-man?
  27. Is it okay with you if your best friend hooks up with your ex?
  28. i'm having a dilemma...please help out!
  29. What would you do if u found out ur love will only last a year longer?
  30. does the ryt man/woman make the tym ryt or does the ryt tym make the person ryt?!?
  31. Sex with your Ex
  32. *** do u do wen ur inlove with a friend for 8 yrs
  33. Flirting in Front of You.....
  34. Tsk! di ko alam crush din pala nya ako...
  35. have you been a relationship with a not goodlooking guy and y????
  36. meron pa ba ritong hindi nagkakasyota??
  37. Will you have CASUAL sex with a Married Guy
  38. Swinging Couple
  39. who to blame.....
  40. pano makipag break na di madyadong masakit?
  41. Totoo pa lOve sa NEt??
  42. Nalink kna ba sa Brother-in-law/Sister-in-law mo?
  43. Where does one draw the line between love and hate?
  44. Ei dudettes! How cum na deceivers daw tayong mga girls?
  45. May POWERS siya, HELP me pls!...
  46. girls ano ba gusto ninyo sa guy??? places you want to go??? mga sweet things etc..???
  47. What do you think of having an ain't sexy significant other?
  48. help!
  49. ***** b **** ko? o mhal *** kta
  50. why are men so naive????
  51. Why do we always hurt the ones we love?
  52. 22o ba siya???
  53. When should it be over?
  54. Dating?
  56. pag iniiwasan ka ng guy, ano kayang puwedeng ibig sabihin nun?
  57. do women cheat?
  58. i love you both.......
  59. pic of your S.O. here
  60. Ever been in / tried / considered a PURE TEXT relationship
  61. Crush Alert
  62. How would you know if your bf love you?can you feel it??
  63. why do they think guys are bolero??????????
  64. im so lonely.........
  65. ...4 the so-called 3rd Sex...how far would you go?
  66. The StoOopidest thing !!!!!
  67. pag pinagsama ang torpe at ang manhid...
  68. hey guys please help me...
  69. to all guys out there.. how would a girl know if u like her?
  70. Panu kung ang past mo ay bumabalik-balik sa u gayung me kapiling ka ng iba
  71. what to do when ur bf flirts with other girls..
  72. EX-CLUB! Everyone with an EX and a story!
  73. SweeTeST and SaDDeST LoVe LeTTeR YoU ReCieVeD
  74. bakit nagiiwasan at nagtataguan *** mga magkarelasyon dati pag nakikita?
  75. Whats the best thing about ur guy/girl that makes you proud?
  76. What are the top 10 excuses for dumping someone?
  77. Would You Prefer That Your S.O. is Smarter and Richer Than You?
  78. Boy or Babe Hunting? Come on in!
  79. Were u ever sexually harass?
  80. The mistress
  81. Tired of being in love with the husband
  82. When is the right moment to say "I Love You"
  83. WhO wAnTs To HaVe JuIcY pIx On SeX (REAL PEEPS!) aNd FuNnY gReEn CaRtOoNs ?!?!
  84. unlucky in love...
  85. is it worth staying in a relatioship wit sum1 u luv but ur NOT happy with?
  86. gift to give for a boyfriend entering LAW school?
  87. theres this thing about some gurls...................
  88. if you were to choose between two gurls, which gurl would you pick?...
  89. me ule...
  90. "Nakukulitan na ako sa'yo"...
  91. Paano?!
  92. Current ratio ng guys to girls--> 1:20 na nga ba?!
  93. what should i do?
  94. Who Here Are Heartbreakers?
  95. Getting Married Need Help !!!!!!!
  96. me karapatan ka bang malaman lovelife ng gf ninyo bago naging kayo?
  97. What do you all think?
  99. What would you do with your husbands mistress?
  100. guyz help.....
  101. It'z between ur bf and ur parents!
  102. ouch! masyado akong nasaktan
  103. What will you do if a girl.....is older than a guy
  104. What in a guy/girl do you like most? Why?
  105. *** will i do if i dnt like d guy???
  106. My GUY is goodlooking--daming may crush sa kanya
  107. If someone's courting you, would u go out with him even if u don't like him?
  108. mga mare, mga pare, PAANO BA MANLIGAW?
  109. Is it ok to court a girl if she already has a boyfriend?
  110. LOVE letter u would like to give to .....
  111. How open is ur BF/GF to u?
  112. Im in luv with d same girl for 6 months, i wish she knw... how am i goin 2 tel her?
  113. Thin line between friendship and something else...
  114. *** if...
  115. [Promo] What Would You Do If You Don't Like the Significant Other of Your Bestfriend?
  116. i won't say bye cuz this isn't gudbye..?
  117. number 2 mo nasa office nyo....advice...comments?
  118. Seryoso ba ang bf/gf mo kung hindi ka niya pinapakilala sa mga friend niya?
  119. What to do if your BF admits to you that he has a new GF? tapos may baby pa sila?
  120. What would you prefer?
  121. How do you answer this?..
  122. Guys!!! What Display Of Affection Turns Your Stomach Yet...
  123. ARE YOU AWARE THAT THE MARRYING AGE IS TO BE LOWERED TO 14 for girls and 16 for guys?
  124. What do you do if she lies to you?
  125. LoVe HuRtS
  126. the last time I got laid...
  127. idol
  128. Anu ang kasalanan ng bf/gf nyo na di nyo kayang patawarin??
  129. how can u say sweet kayo ng gf/bf mo????
  130. what do you think about this...
  131. introducing you're GF/BF to you're friends!!
  132. Just between You and Me
  133. server busy..
  134. how would you know na sha na nga ang soulmate mo????
  135. Would you take him back?
  136. intimacy despite the eccentricities
  137. a question for the women. need your advice
  138. Moving On......
  139. difference between love and sex...
  140. ºwhat is YOUR anniversary date?º
  141. cant cry hard enough....
  142. First monthsary/anniv watever nmen... ano mgandang gawen
  143. caught?
  144. ano preparations nyo girls bago sagutin ang isang guy??? KWENTO!
  145. Weddings - help for Maid of Honor
  146. what would you do if...
  147. are you a commitment-phobic? umamin kayo! post kayo dito!
  148. [Promo] Describe your dream proposal!
  149. who will u choose? parents or gf?
  150. "i love you's" with options..
  151. Oh GoD, pLeAsE CaRe To HeLp... AnYoNe..??
  152. just want to ask something...
  153. Help! What Does This Mean?
  154. mga PEXER tulong naman dyan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  155. texting everyday...
  156. .::.please don't ask meeh.::.
  157. ano ang gagawin ninyo ???
  158. is he different?!
  159. "I love you" gasgas na mashado...
  160. TXTperience: stories of txting unbelievable persons...
  162. mahal pa rin hanggang ngayon!
  163. A student-professional relationship: Si professional ba lagi dapat magbayad?
  164. Do anyone of you have a thing for mysterious guys ?
  165. Can u just lust na lang for someone you used to love?
  166. What to do if the your family hates the GUY?
  167. tili
  168. what would you do if you're destined to be SINGLE all your life?
  169. which do u prefer to have mataba na maiksi o mahaba na payat! (guys only)
  170. How to know if a girl is interested
  171. What can you say about women/girls using pride?
  172. Direct transistion from friend to fiance-fiancee relationship? what do you think?
  173. Giving Up After 4 Years...
  174. Whats fetish turns u on?
  175. What would you do if your colleague is flirting with ur Bf?
  176. What to do with jerks ! <--- for girls only
  177. *****
  178. Missent Text Messages!!!
  179. Please help me to choose.....
  180. What size satisfies a woman?
  181. Nakita nyo na bang UMIYAK ng BF/Hubby nyo?
  182. Losing the Love of My Life
  183. Ssgutin m b *** Hnd M Mhal?
  184. On Marriage
  185. Love is a shity feeling...
  186. Sex EB...wanna join?
  187. just wen u've done ur best, she decided to leave u
  188. Confussed
  189. what if...
  190. What will you do if your boyfriend for three years suddenly breaks up with you...
  191. sounds of love: noisy or quiet?
  192. Whats important?
  193. all about the opposite sex..
  194. Money can buy love.
  195. saan na pwede magchat ngayon ang mga taga #filchi??
  196. Been in Love, Falling in Love, Is in Love, Out of Love
  197. *** ba ang mga....
  198. Are you superficial???
  199. the boyfriend material
  200. are u sick and tired.....
  201. Share your weird sexual habits!!!
  202. TROPHY Girlfriends
  203. Which would you prefer???
  204. masarap ba MgTAnan?
  205. The perfect song ....
  206. how do you know wen the guy is courting or making paramdam pa lang
  207. Pano niyo alam kung mahal mo na siya?
  208. advice me naman...
  209. letting go of someone you really love.......
  210. let me test you when you really love somebody....
  211. Sex is not like a Tennis
  212. My GuY SaYs He's NeVer BeeN iN LoVe
  213. BiRThDaY GiFt FoR HiM
  214. WHy?
  215. --> Being the "panakip-butas".....
  216. How do real guys court gays?
  217. Are married women/men jealous of gays?
  218. ano ba meron sa bj at ayaw tayo bigyan ng parner natin?
  219. love, honey, babes, sweetheart...how do u call your romantic partner?
  220. Is it true na may curse ang manila cathedral?
  221. which do you think is harder and more painful?
  222. true Love?!? (pls post here)
  223. love love love
  224. it takes how long to Court /
  225. Only hope...
  226. gaano katagal ang mga relationships nyo?
  227. Wow! Pare insecure ako!!!
  228. interesting thoughts about LOVE
  229. Should I just stay away without explaining?
  230. Is It Possible For a Man and a Woman To Be Just Friends?
  231. ano gagawin nyo para magustuhan din kayo ng crush nyo?
  232. GANDA points AND MINUS GANDA points!
  233. Close Encounter With The 3rd Kind!
  234. greatest revenge to a user bf
  235. One Night Stands
  236. a guy in search for a date... (his my friend)
  237. when was the first time you said "I LOVE YOU" and to whom?
  238. the love that was never mine.....
  239. conservative or liberated??
  240. lonely nights..........
  241. Following up...
  242. LOVE's not fair to all of us these days ...
  243. what if mas aggressive gf mo sayo???
  244. you're in love with your cousin's ex
  245. : / Paano pagcrush nang friend mo BF mo???? Ano gawa mo???!!!!
  246. What do women look at?
  247. What if the mother/ father of the one true love you have dislikes you?
  248. mahirap tanggapin kung d ka na niya mahal!
  249. Porma for guys..
  250. miss nagu2luhan sobra!!!!!!!