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  1. PEx18: Throwback Quiz Night [July 27, 2017/ Thurs]

    Test your PEx memories and join the 2017 PEx Throwback Quiz Night! Check out this thread for more updates!


  2. PEx turns 18! [ Get the pins here]

    As we celebrate our 18th year, we want to remember the best and most remarkable PExers and PEx moments which made our years worth "PExING" for! Get our exclusive PEx18 pins by participating in these threads:

    1. Most Influential PExers
    2. Most Memorable PEx moments with a PExer
    3. Backread-worthy PEx threads!
    4. PExSPeak: Ano ang mga nausong coined terms sa PEx?

    Happy 18th Birthday to us, PExers!


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