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PinoyExchange.com is an online community forum used mainly by Filipinos from all parts of the globe. The site is an avenue for anyone to communicate their thoughts and ideas on topics that concern the Philippines and Pinoys everywhere. Registered members can post and view messages as well as share pictures and links to other media.

PinoyExchange.com is a thriving community that continuously meets the needs of its members and allows free flowing discussions that stimulate, encourage and entertain.

In PinoyExchange.com you can "speak your mind" by expressing your opinions on traditional media (television/radio/print), cutting edge technologies (wireless/broadband), successful establishments (restaurants/cafes), offline activities (concerts/premiers), and almost anything under the bright Pinoy sun.

PinoyExchange.com values the experience of each and every user and as such we continue to improve the PEx experience by involving the users, complementing available content with relevant media, and building relations with trusted partners.





Many Filipinos enjoy communicating through the net but didn't always like to chat with individual people. What if creating a forum on the web that dealt with Philippine issues would stimulate the Filipino's love for conversation? From there, an idea was born.

From the brains of founding members Nico Nolledo (Nix), Marco Lucena (marco), and Jude Turcuato (Kaboom!), PinoyExchange went online on July 12, 1999 using the Ultimate Bulletin Board software and started getting posts from registered members soon thereafter.

Michael Palacios (Mikoid) later joined the founding group as lead designer and technical consultant. Some of the more loyal members were also asked to become moderators to help out in stimulating the discussions.

The site's initial success stemmed from exposure during the televised UAAP games in which Jude was a commentator. During halftime of the basketball games, viewers were asked to express their views regarding the ongoing basketball games by posting responses on PEx. Thousands of students and alumni from the UAAP member schools flocked to the site to talk about the games.

PinoyExchange reached the 2,000 member mark before the turn of the century and now has over 500,000 registered members, over 60,000,000 posts and continues to grow with nearly 200 new sign-ups daily.

Two other internet entities, namely MyPhilippines.com and iAyala have since joined the founders and moderators in supporting the country's largest online community forum.

  • aajao

    Buhay Pinoy, Family, Friends, & Society

  • Started as an ROT regular, frequently visited LAFI as his next stop, then made four homes in the Personals forum. A certified Wireless Journal addict, he still believes it was the original “twitter” of today. Now a co-moderator of uptowngirl in the Buhay Pinoy & Family, Friends & Society forums where he’s also familiar with since 9 years ago.


  • AltarBoy^_^

    The NCAA Tourney

  • Like his monicker, he was once a sacristan from elementary up until highschool in DBTI Makati. A wanderer in the UAAP Forum since 2000, AltarBoy^_^ was one of many pexers who pushed for an NCAA Forum and took up the role to moderate it eversince.


  • blakedaddy

    Body & Fitness

  • Back in 00′ I decided to take up weight training to improve my sports performance and add some muscle to my wiry frame. I am now a full-time strength and conditioning coach/personal trainer and I decided to share what I have learned to the community.


  • forg

    Music and Radio , International Movies and TV

  • “forg” refers to a character from a comic series before in Filipino Funny Komiks. Does it have a special meaning? Not really, I just like the name back then and use it as my alias ever since. I’m a certified music charts geek (you could see me updating the Philippine Music Charts Thread over at Music & Radio forum) and pop culture aficionado. I’ve been a Pex member since 2004 and was recently appointed to co-moderate the Music & Radio and International Movies and TV forums.


  • hunter_alchemsts

    The Academe

  • This moderator’s name reflects his obsession to shounen animes Hunter X Hunter and Full Metal Alchemist when he joined the Pex community back in 2007. Apart from animes, hunter_alchemst is also passionate about scholastic endeavors such as advancing knowledge through research and painstakingly earning postgraduate qualifications before he turns 30.


  • Ischaramoochie

    Realm of Thought

  • Ischaramoochie is a voice of reason among the deep thinkers in PEx. He loves wearing costumes while keeping the rebuttals above the belt. Confucius and Iron Man were some of his latest get ups.


  • Jay P. Mercado


  • Followed the PBA since its inception…fascinated with local trivia (sports, politics, anything) that he’s still hoping a Pinoy Jeopardy would finally be produced here…aptly described as the guy whose brain is a “storehouse of useless information”…PEX member since 2003 but only started actively writing in 2006…did you know that Bruce “Sky” King of Toyota once donned jersey #111? :)


  • Kuyadanny

    OFW Exchange, Classifieds and Job Opportunities, The Working Filipino

  • Personal Investing and Money Matters, The Entrepreneur’s Corner, Pinoy Agents Call Center Forums


  • legolass

    Local and Foreign Issues

  • legolass acts like the calming force in Local and Foreign Issues. With all of the hot issues in LAFI’s threads, she is always ready with a sensible reply.


  • neth_row

    The Sports Center

  • PinoyExchange member no. 774, neth_row has been around PEx since its early months as a booming online community. Assigned as moderator for Sports Center (NBA, PBA, Sports Zone) in 2004, he has witnessed many sporting events and milestones for the past decade, and has seen sports dynasties come and go.


  • Pandaemonaeon

    Music and Radio

  • Dubbed as the original PEX “heel” during the forum’s nascency, Pandaemonaeon (or Panda) took over as Music and Radio moderator in 2005. Aside from being a certified Dallas Mavericks fanatic, Panda considers himself as “quasi-straight edge” — with the only stumbling block being his carnivorous palate.


  • renz_reggy03

    The Football Field

  • Sports Junkie. I have a huge desire of following Tennis, Formula 1, Basketball, Baseball, Football, among others. But I love football the most and am very much willing to help, in my simple ways, other Pinoys embrace the football craze – starting at PEx Football Forum. YNWA.


  • Smilewarrior

    Whats Up Doc ?

  • Between moving teeth and bending metal, he strives to actively participate in the many threads (dentistry-related or otherwise) of PinoyExchange. He is smilewarrior, an orthodontist by profession, and moderator of What’s Up Doc.


  • Uptowngirl

    Buhay Pinoy, Family, Friends, & Society

  • uptowngirl was born after a day of LSS of Billy Joel’s song. I’m a restless wanderer and find that surfing the net is the cheapest way to travel (albeit virtually). PinoyExchange has become a home for me wherever the winds take me.